• maybe try here. Personally i would downgrade back to windows XP. Vista caused me nothing but hassel
  • it's surprising I know, but you can get drivers for dell laptops from the dell website!
  • Use the standard drivers at first and as soon as you can reach the internet, you get a lot of possibilities. "In Windows Vista, you probably can get the right driver for your hardware device via the Windows Update but there is no guarantee because not all device drivers are available in the Windows database. Well, don’t worry. I am a former part-time technician at a computer shop and I have installed Windows OS more than you do. Even without Driver CD, I can find the correct drivers for almost any hardware devices. How I did it and how can you do the same too? Well, here are 3 best and free methods to find the correct drivers for unknown hardware devices in Windows XP and Vista." Source and further information: Further information:
  • All the drivers (including the original CD) you can get from Dell: Simply go to the "Drivers" section: And enter your service tag.
  • I get all mine here.
  • Do you have a usb key and another computer? The only way to sort your problem in the shortest time and least hassle is by going to dell at: look under your laptop and there will be a seven digit service tag if you can't read it then turn your laptop on and when the dell logo appears keep hiting the f2 key to go into BIOS and then the third reading down (depending on model) it will say service tag: enter this tag into the service tag link on the Dell website and it'll give you the exact drivers you need. If you've changed OS then ensure you select the correct OS from the drop down menus and proceed to download them to the usb key for use on the laptop.

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