• Exactly what is the economic advice from the Qur'an?
  • american news is hilarious
  • With all the different believes in the world someone was bound to be right! It just so happened that it was the Qur'an, how was anyone to know before? All these things even out over time.
  • I don't know what the Qur'an says so I really don't know or care. I'm sick of American Media. It's all negative and hype.
  • I guess the same thing could be said about the Bible, which contains a tremendous treasury of financial wisdom.
  • I thought it was the Koran - forgive my British spelling. I'd say that if we all followed the advice from any of the religious 'bibles' we'd all be pretty happy and friendly ... but would probably still need financial advice.
  • Hey all the advise is bad for finacial. It dosn't matter who give's it!
  • There's not nearly enough information given to answer this question.
  • if we followed biblical advice we'd be in better shape as well my thoughts are this: if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's ass on the ground when it hopped
  • let it go!
  • I believe every holy book teaches the descent way to run the Economy. It's just the people who are too greed that ruin the entire system. Unfortunately we are in globalization era now, so if one crook nation screw up, the entire planet suffer the impact.
  • Not only on financial matters but on all aspects of life , Qur'an guides with better solutions.After all it's the All powerful Almightys word.Isn't it?
  • I would need to know the following Source of the news bulletin Agenda/motive of the source What the detail of the financial advice was Otherwise I would have no basis upon which to form an opinion. Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • If the Qur'an contains such good advice on managing money, how come the great majority of the Worlds Muslims are so poor? This sounds like another attempt by people with a very conservative religious agenda to push their extreme views.
  • Seems like a stretch. I think that in our modern day economy one must be lacking in logic or ethics to be successful. Someone who possesses both would have a difficult time amassing a fortune.
  • Even Muslim nations find ways around the Qur'an. Sure they follow the letter but not the spirit. There is one word to describe people that use religious texts as financial advisers, poor. Too much borrowing and too much religion is not good for anyone. Don't forget, Mohammad was a merchant and his writings were the equivalent of a sign on his wall saying "No credit given here". If he was a painter, there would be something in his dictations that said "No free painting". The bankers didn't even follow economic law, what makes you think they would have followed a religious one?
  • Theby, what a load of Bollocks, show us the evidence. you just NEVER give up

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