• I can't imagine what could be stranger than his reality. I'm not that imaginative.
  • Oh hell yes. It's typical behavior that can be expected from those who have never had to work for a living. I.E. Rich folks. Most rich folks see a worker's paycheck as lost profit margins.
  • The rich in America is no different than any other place at any other time. They got their money in dubious ways. Just like Kennedy and every other rich family they profited illegally or from others hardships. Their children grow up in a different world than the average American, one of privilege. Some times, just some times one might come out of it all as a righteous honest person. Very rarely do we ever see these aberrations from the rich, they are black listed by their peers and shunned. Except in places that accept that behavior such as were I live, NYC. GW Bush Jr. is a little shit, he's stupid, ignorant and arrogant. He's a phony and was always used as a frontman like a rock band who needs a good lead singer. The real power was Cheney, Bush was always in front of the people doing the dirty work. Why everybody did not do their homework on this guy and read about his past is beyond me. They voted him in twice and now they are reaping what they sowed. It pains me deeply to say this but all those people who lost their homes and jobs, look in the mirror and learn from it. You dd this to yourselves because you trusted and believed in the evil instead of doing your due diligence and researching. Your laziness and apathy did you in, they knew it and took advantage of it.

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