• Very worried.
  • So many experts and no body can figure out what to really do. They say say do this and that, but nobody tries any of it.
  • This is the fundamental issue of our age, and I'm not sure how I stand on it. Suzuki's view might be described as Malthusian (i.e. population is growing faster than resources to support it). On the other end of this view are the technological Utopians who, for the past few hundred years, have been proven correct over and over again (i.e. that technology and smarter resource use will support population growth). And 'economic growth' SHOULD be the world's #1 priority, because poverty is the source of more human suffering than anything else in the world. That being said, the world cannot support US/Western Europe-style 'economic growth' everywhere. We'd need SIX Earths to support that kind of consumption.

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