• I think male teachers tend to show favoritism to girls and female teachers to boys.
  • when i was in high school..three of my male teachers were very always gave me candy..always and called me his moldovian princess..another always had conversations with me..not regular ones but serious ones..i helped him make desicions in class..and the other one was 12th grade economics teacher..what a cutie pie..happily married but such a sweet man..and he gave everyone chances..i miss him!
  • First you would have to get a teacher to admit they do it before collecting data for statictical proof. And good luck with that. Most people don't even realize it when they do things like this and would vehemently deny it if confronted anyway so... The point is moot. I think it should be gaged on how annoying the indivisual child is and what the sex of the teacher is. All I know is these days, kids are all sorts of annoying and rude. And they would be smart to favort the ones that are motivated, respectful and calm no matter their sex.
  • Good teachers show favouritism to good students (those that are in school to learn). And bad teachers show favouritism to students who don't cause a fuss (just sit there and keep quiet). Even in this day and age the proportion of good students to bad or, on the other hand, quiet students to attention hogs... heavily favours the girls rather than the boys. So in that respect... Yes, teachers tend to show favouritism to girls. Hope this helps.
  • I had one teacher that didn't let boys go to the restroom when they needed to but allowed girls to go when they needed to. And that was a female teacher.
  • I am sure male teachers tend to show favoritism to girls and female teachers do the same for male students. I know when I was in the highschool classroom (back in the 70s and 80s) I had a tendency to show some favoritism towards some girls, but I would remind myself I had to be fair to all students when grading and treated all equally.
  • Teachers tend to favor students who actually listen to them. It is a natural human response.
  • Exams have been feminized to pander to the PC crowd and in the name of equality. Course work is now included as this favors girls. Anyone know how many Nobel Prize winners in Science are Female compared to men?
  • i would say yes, girls are easier, they are not as restless as boys..they can sit quietly for long periods and not as active as a boy needs to is ,especially for the "stick beaters", harder for boys....most women do not understand this difference and cannot relate to a boys differences so it is easier to ignore them and gravitate to what and who they understand , the girls...:Justme
  • a wonderful book for mothers , females in general is "bringing up boys" Dr. James Dobson...they are different from girls, their mothers,teachers, sisters, etc...and women don't understand a lot of what a boy needs, castrating them is how it usually turns out, a mamas boy...this has helped my daughter understand her son and what it is that a boy does different and needs different from her and females...the most important is a MAN to help raise them are huge role models, whether a dad,teacher,coach, friend, they need a mans view to be a man....for their future "little men" ..i suggest every female and male reads helps both to understand the DIFFERENCES in gender but not in their LOVE for both girl and boy..:)justme
  • My sister has been teaching for about 15 yrs and she shows favoritism to none. She has amazed me with her abilities to love and understand those I would only shake my head at. Some teachers are not meant to teach. And if any shows favoritism due to a student being male or female might be in the wrong profession.

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