• In the dairy section, next to the half and half, and non-dairy creamer. :)
  • By the milk
  • Dairy section by the milk and coffee creamers And, good luck with that recipe if you don't even know where to find heavy cream...Yikes!
  • In the baking good isle next to the baking chocolate and decorating goods.
  • All of above - what are you making that you don't logically know where dairy products are? Did you think it would be in the meat section? Are you having a bad thought day? LOL - I really would like to know what you are making?
  • I don't use heavy cream, but it's refrigerated by the whipping cream in the dairy case. You can get very good results using canned milk, even canned skimmed milk with much less fat and calories.
  • You find it with the milk. Usually 18% cream or whip cream for cooking.
  • real cream, in any form, needs to be refrigerated. so i would suggest you look for the section in your grocery store where they have milk, yoghurt, etc. there is a difference, however, between heavy cream and whipping cream. you need to read the label. heavy cream should have at least 36% fat; whipping cream only needs to have 30% fat. this will make a difference depending on what you are making.
  • 2-27-2017 In the dairy case, of course. For your reference, milk labeled just "milk" is 4.5% butterfat by federal law. Half and half is 10.5%, light cream is 18%, and heavy cream is 22%. Cream cheese is 50% butterfat and 30% water.

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