• You will need to use another computer to download drivers since you can't use your laptop. However, try using System Restore. Choose a restore point before you deleted the drivers.
  • hi its a dell latitude x300 smbios version 2.3 rus windows xp. 6400mb i have 411.25 left if that matters. it says when i first sign on at start up aht the preflb.dll was not found reinstalling it may fix it then error loading 3dlcdtime.dll specific module couldn't be found. when i went into my system sys all this want not available this i think cuz my son deletet the dell wireless thing built in..plug n play not avail usb not avl all this want avl net work controller, ethernet controller, pci modem, n ticpip and things like that..i'm almost sure because that was deleted. this thing ran soooo good before that..if it's better to talk to someone on my yahoo plese don't hesitate in m also on my daughter laptop right now i need this other laptop becuse my dad has a tumor in his head and i'm helping my IM..thanks all!

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