• maybe $10-30 at a garage sale, depending on whether it's clean, intuitive interface, spinning plate on the inside -- and a market for used microwaves. Better price in a college town, for example, where everyone needs a microwave and will totally go for a used one to save a couple bucks.
  • Probably about $15.
  • Sorry to say it, but a 5 year old microwave is worth almost nothing. Prices of technology drop dramatically and used appliances are worth about 40% of full value the second they are taken out the shop. Expect nothing. If you get $10 you will be doing well.
  • The depreciation rate is 10% compunded anually. so present value =Realvalue(1-10/100)^5 =Realvalue(0.9)^5=100(0.9)^5=.59*100=59 dollars. according to government rules but,the local vendors wont give you even half of that. you can expect at max $ 30.
  • You'll be lucky to get a buck, BUT if you have several laying around send them to me and I'll make welders out of parts in them. ;) Or, save them, make welders yourself to resell and scrap the rest in a scrap metal yard for about 4 cents per pound. ;)
  • $40.00 on in good working order).

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