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  • I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Start building a large network of friends. Do stuff with them. Hang out with them. They'll bring their other friends around from time to time. Maybe there will be a guy you like. Hang out with him with your friends. This will allow you to observe him interacting with people you're familiar with. You'll get a better sense of how you and he will be together. Sooner or later, you'll find someone you like and can date one-on-one. If you meet someone outside the group, invite him to hang out with them. Again, so you can observe him interacting with people you're familiar with.
  • Look for social organizations that match your personal values and do good work, requiring genuine effort.
  • Try jail. Lots of available guys in there
  • yeah i have some advice. call me.
  • What about all the guys at college? Start going to activities there. Maybe church if that is your thing.
  • Wait until you are 25-26. Usually, men's brains are finished fully maturing by then and the 'hormone poisoning' isn't quite as intense as when they are younger. Good luck. . . .
  • College is one of the best places. Almost every couple I know met at college or though a college group. Work on being friends with guys first. Being a good friend and having good friends will give you access to others. My wife has a doctorate in a medical field and I have a degree in computer science and an MBA--we'd have never met except for our mutual interests in architecture, design and art. An art dealer introduced us--so having good friends is equally important.
  • I know it's cliche, but stop looking. It really is true. If you are so active in looking, you miss the people that fly in under the radar. You can't be a hermit. You have to be with people. (Just stating the obvious), but sometimes you find people in the strangest of places. Even something as simple as talking to people here on AB. You have to learn the art of flirting too. Take advantage of any date that you can. Even if you know there isn't interest, take advantage of every chance. The reason being is practice. It might sound stupid, but you become much more comfortable in a dating situation when the right one does come along. And you never know, maybe one of what was a lesser choice will become the right one. Good luck!
  • if you look too hard, you wont find that guy. It will happen naturally, it takes patience.
  • I think you might be trying to hard to find "a good guy", No doubt you have the image of a particular look and certain perimeters and conditions this man must meet to be considered good. Try just enoying life and trying things you like, join a club, start a hobby and you'll meet people that have similar interests. You can't make meeting a guy your goal though, that turns a neon sign on above your head that says "stay back I'm on the prowl" You will meet someone, just remember to love them for who they are and not in spite of his short comings against your "good guy"
  • Well, where do good guys hang out? You're right about clubs and bars, that's where alcoholics go to meet each other. I dunno, perhaps you could meet them at the . . . wait for it . . .college. You'll find more good guys there than anyplace else. After all, they're studying to make a better life for themselves. And btw, don't be a fool and look for the Perfect Guy. Happiness is achieved by making a life together. You have to work at it; it doesn't just pop out by meeting someone.
  • Stop looking let them find you, after all you are giving out a desparate signal and will end up with the wrong guy!
  • Is that a girls college.
  • You find them doing things you love and by working at making yourself into the best person you know how. If you stick with your interests, your hobbies, your work (if you love it) your religion, your recreations, you are bound to find someone that loves them like you do and that you might find attractive. Be open to people, quit searching deliberately, just let it happen. The best things happen that way, when you least expect it.
  • Try joining a coed intramural team at school. If your going to a large college there are all kinds, From unltimate frisbee, to badminton. Just sign up and you'll meet all kinds of guys your age.
  • At a hockey, volleyball,basketball, games but not badmonton
  • in a college class, grocery store, book store, museums, etc
  • Volunteer places. Libraries. Religious gatherings.
  • Unfortunately, most guys looking wants someone attractive, not beautiful, but pleasantly attractive, with a fitting body and wears clothes according to the occasion. Everything is like a numbers game. We are controlled by numbers our whole life, think about that. Say the scale is 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest meaning beautiful and has everything a normal guy would like. By the way it works the same way for guys. Now, look at yourself in the mirror, clothes or no clothes, what do you see. If there were 10 other girls standing next to you, rated 1 to 10, what number would you be. Or, if you went out with these ten girls to an area where eligible men would be and with their numeric score fitting to their looks and charm , where in line would you stand. Say you figure you’re a number 3. So just to keep the numbers thing going, you would have 70% less of a chance of landing that guy. If you’re in the 7 plus range, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a guy, men are like bees after honey when they spot a good number. So, even if you’re on the low end of the numbers, there’s always room for improvement. This is just a starting evaluation, but it can work. This is the Corgingus Dating Method lol. Just my Opinion,,
  • Go to places or get involved with activities that the guys you like are involved in. Then ask for advice or help. This may be sexist advice, but psychological studies have shown that you have an increased liking for people that you have done favors for.
  • Hang out at your local PetSmart or Petco store. The eligible men who shop there have already passed the test of a "good" heart. Borrow someone's dog and go hang out there. Good luck!
  • Join a young peoples church group or a parachurch ministry at your college. Good guys go to good places!
  • Join co-ed clubs of your interest including religious groups if that applies. You will run into guys with like interest. It has been said before, but don't act like you are looking for a guy, but be friendly to everyone and engage in activities and conversation with all the others, etc. It will happen in time.
  • school, church and internet. go places where the default charactor is something you WANT the other person to be in... going to a bar the default charactor is someone who drinks. on the internet the default is someone who has a computer. at work the default is someone who would be at your job.
  • Go to some parties with friends. Then when you meet someone you like, wait a couple of days and find out about him BEFORE you go out.

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