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  • you have to talk to them. They need to know that you are there for them. They don't want you to replace their real mom, so i would try to just be friends with them. It will take time for them to like you, but as long as your trying to get somewhere, they should see that and get over it.
  • 3-14-2017 Nothing. You have to let him handle that. If he can't or won't, well, that tells you something.
  • From a daughter to you. My dad has a girlfriend I do not like. My problem is he is not around enough and she has a drinking problem. I have anxiety and depression. I have a hard time being around her. I wish he would do more to help but some of it is out of his control. It's a team effort from everyone. Take matters into your own hands and try to get to know them. Don't push. Maybe get them something. Try different ways of earning their trust. See if it makes a difference. I'm sure you've tried already considering your asking online. So I'm sorry your going through that. My best advice would be to do everything you can to make the relationship with his daughter as comfortable as possible. They love him very much probably. Be careful not to get in their space too much. Don't take up too much of his time and make sure they have plenty of time with him. Help him repair the relationship if possible. Again I'm very sorry your going through this. I hope things get better.
    • Myang
      this is the best answer for this question :)
    • Saram909
      Thank you
    • BlanesGirl09
      This is a great answer, bar the buying them something. You don't want your relationship with them to be bought since that's not real.
  • Not sure what they are doing to "ruin" your relationship but understand they have to warm up to you on their own and you can't force that. Best to be positive and upbeat with them and understanding. Don't just dismiss them and don't try to be over-solicitous or judgmental or anything or to be anyone you are not just to gain their favor. I got on with my husband's oldest from day one but her sister saw me as some kind of dragon lady and treated me accordingly until she saw that I was not going to go away. She eventually came to live with us which gave us a chance to get to know each other on a daily basis and with the help of her sister she warmed up to me and began appreciating me, especially seeing the positive effect being with me was having on her father.
  • I'd say the easiest way to fix your problem, would actually be to try to get them to "trust" you. Once they gain your trust, they'll be more lenient and also start liking you more making it easier to have a calm relationship with your partner.
  • You might want to talk to your boyfriend about that
  • That's not the problem with your relationship, how they feel about you as adults should have no bearing on the course of your relationship. If they were children (5-12), I'd understand, but as adults, if they never spoke to me, I could give a phu@@, as long as you and he are happy.
  • Simply treat your boyfriend like a king and remain polite to them. There's nothing saying that this will ever change. Are you prepared to only have this kind of drama from them? If not, that should speak volumes about what you should do. If so, do not get dragged into the drama and never say a bad word about them to their father. If not, no time like the present to end the relationship.

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