• Haven't found anything for sure but probably an English 'bastardization' of pompe. 1303, from O.Fr. pompe (13c.), from L. pompa "procession, pomp," from Gk. pompe "solemn procession, display," lit. "a sending," from pempein "to send." In Church L., used in depreciatory sense for "worldly display, vain show." BTW if you are interested in shoes the this is a great site, paid for by me, a Canadian tax payer and the Bata Shoe Co.: Not sure why you got negatives on the question but I can't give you a positive (nor can you score me!)...hopefully someone will rectify the trolling.
  • 8-26-2017 High heeled shoes are not called "pumps". A pump is defined as a low shoe without fasteners. The origin of the name is unknown, although there are plenty of guesses.

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