• It's called unrequited love and it happens all the time.
  • It's happening to me now.
  • Yes. The thing to do in this situation is to tell that person the truth. Yes, it will hurt them. But it's better to tell that person how you feel right away rather than let them dote on you for a long period of time. If you accept this person's attention, they might take it a sign that you feel the same way. Be careful. Be as gentle as you can but, be honest and hopefully that person will (eventually) respect that you had enough courage to tell them that you don't feel the same way.
  • Nope. To my knowledge no one loves me. I tell myself I don't care, but I think I do.
  • Funny thing ... I'm in the REVERSE situation ... BUt; I am adjusting to the fact that I am going to be single as my love and devotation are NOT returned ... I have not mentioned anything anout the relationship for two months now .... BUT; it still does hurt .
  • Yes!!! Several time!!!
  • Yes. And it's even harder when you consider them a good friend and still want to keep them a part of your life. All you can do is be open and honest. Sometimes time cures the problem as someone else invariably comes along.
  • I had that very experience in college. Perfect guy. Smart, nice, kind, caring. On a great career track. Would make a terrific father. Great friends with his sister. Wonderful parents. Knew he had strong feelings for me. Just could not manufacture the chemistry. No matter how hard I tried.
  • Of course. Sometimes people love us and we don't love back...sometimes we love people who don't love us back. That's life. Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • I love someone who said she is not in love with me, but she says she is falling in love with me and to be patient. She had been hurt in the past and said she was scared......Has that ever happened to anyone? Anyhow she broke up with me, but now she has started sending me friends request and posting pictures of us together..... What gives?
  • Nope, I live in the exact reverse of that scenario, or did anyway.
  • Yes and I know that he would give me everything that I want in a relationship but I just can't do it. But yet I complain about no good men being out there. Go figure...
  • Yeah it happen to me and only thought of him as my best friend and never thought of him any other way that was only until he found a girl then they got married just think it through howwould u fill not bing #1 lady in hislif if it dont bother uthen u cool if it do u know what 2 do
  • Yes, she has been in love with me for quite sometime, even if she has a boyfriend i know at any second i could be with her but i just dont feel the same way. I am also in the opposite scenario though, i love someone who ive been good friends with for a long time, but ive always been to nervous to say something to her because i think she just thinks of me as a really good friend.
  • Oh yes, I have. Stand your ground, don't go with them out of pity.
  • No, because I would probably be with that person.

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