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  • Well they are people without any compassion and are rather sick themselves ....better to stay away from them.
  • Honestly, I think it is pathetic. That is a horrible thing to tell someone in that state of mind. I've known a few, it is really sad and Very emotional.
  • Not much. On the other hand, seriously suicidal people who really want help will reach out to those who care about them and can help professionals. They don't go on the internet to various sites and talk their guts out to strangers. Sometimes the joke is on those who take these people seriously and try to help. Unless you are a medical professional schooled in helping mentally unstable people, it is best to stay out of it. Just my opinion based on some articles I've read on the subject.
  • I see that on here occasionally and it makes me mad. People have gotten to where they are so cold hearted. I don 't know if it's because people think that the people who threated suicide are trying to get attention and they in turn are trying to be a smarta** but I had a client who threatened it and her friends and family kept saying "do it cause we don't believe you". She did. Then the family/friends came to me and said "why. We don't understand. All she wanted was attention.". This is my point. NEVER EVER assume someone just wants attention. You do not know what is in their mind or heart. They may have threatened 1000 times but this 1 time they will do it. Do you really want to risk that? If they are getting attention something is really wrong there too. I think it's sad when people are so cold hearted and pathetic that they risk a person's life to make themself feel better. Great question.
  • I think they have the responsibility to be held as assistants in their death. When someone is so mentally unstable, the last thing you do is tell them that.
  • It's a horrible thing to say to a serious suicidal person that has legit symptoms and signs of depression, etc etc. BUT it is hilarious to say to pathetic emo kids who just want fucking attention.
  • I tell jumpers there is a two-story minimum in my county. Sorry - guess you have to have a sense of humor in paramedic work. We deal, now YOU deal.
  • I think they are stupid,mindless fools....heartless and pathetic
  • It just shows that those people do not understand suicidal thoughts and they're just a pathetic excuse for a human who was obviously born without the 'compassion' gene
  • Just hope they have to go through a REALLY ruff time in life and maybe they would think before opening their smart ass mouth.
  • Pisses me OFF!! Threating Suicide is a way of asking for help. Depression is a serious illness and the person isn't asking for "attention"!!! Properly medicine can help to balance their emotions and they can lead a normal life. +5
  • they have no heart or just don't realize what they are saying

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