• Emotions.My Stormy is sick of words.
  • I speak to my pets in complete sentences, and use key words when I want a particular reaction.
  • I use 1 or 2 words. Too many just confuses them.
  • I use short sentences with my dachshund. Sometimes, though, I will have long conversations with him letting him know about my day. He seems to listen intently.
  • Most commands I can do with sign language, but I usually talk in sentences, unless its a specific command, like sit.
  • Single words, sentences, paragraphs..depends on what I have to say to him. :)
  • I know that the consensus is that you have to talk to animals in simple, one word terms. In my opinion, that belief is incorrect. If you have established a good relationship with "a friend" a pet, on a deeper level of understanding, and you project that in your speech; more complex verbal communication will be understood.
  • Sit;stay;down One word commands but for the rest we talk not only in sentences but in novels!
  • I talk to him like a human, he knows what i am saying ;0)
  • I speak to my dogs in a reformed british accent.
  • Complete sentences, Even carry on conversations with them.
  • I talk to him like i talk to my friends. my friends think im nuts cause i involve him the conversation when there around.
  • I treat my pets like they are humans too. People say that pets can't understand what we are saying, but can they really prove that? No. There is a chance (no matter how small) that our pets can understand us. So how would you like it if people talked to you in baby talk and single words? I know I wouldn't want to be talked to that way. I even say commands with please at the end... "Mojo, sit please", "Mojo, stay please", etc. (Mojo is one of my dogs).
  • I do everything from yelling to whispering even singing soemtimes lol
  • Well my dog was born and lived in Colombia for many years, so he undertsands spanish and now he knows english too. my wife says some long thing to him in spanish that i dont even undertsnad but he gets it. i talk to him in sentences in english and he gets that too. he's a smart dog, a black lab, and very polite.
  • I often have chats with my cat, he replies with grrr-ings if you get my meaning, plus he always waiting for me when I get home. I beleive that we have a good relationship, well as good as one can get between human and "animal".
  • I use full sentences. The funny thing is they only use single words when they answer.
  • it's usually the full sentence!
  • Short sentences
  • Both. There are single word commands, hand signs, body positions, and sometimes sentences depending on what we want
  • Up to whole small sentences like "Go lay down on your bed." or 'bring it over here". but it has to be in conjunction with body language and they have to have done this a million times.
  • I use full sentences with them but the little devils only use one word answers back :)
  • I don't think I use single words very often, but sometimes no words... If I'm eating and my cat decides my meal is his prey, he may only receive loud grunts as I pound my fist on the table. Otherwise, it's usually at least a few words if it's a command. With my cat, if I don't at least say his name before the command, there's no chance he's even going to acknowledge me. If I call his name and then give him a command, he will at least look at me as if to say "uh, no..." Then there are conversations... LOL.
  • I use both.Depending on what it is that i am trying to relay.

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