• Oh yeah! From 6:30 am until 10pm at night, it's non stop cooking. When I host a party, everyone heads for the kitchen instead of the livingroom with all the seats.
  • Yes. I spend the maximum time in my kitchen.
  • I live in an apartment so the living space is basically a kitchen with a couch :) My dream house will hopefully have a lovely cosy kitchen with a range and a big table, its always been definitely the hub of the places i've lived in.
  • I wish. My kitchen is itty bitty (I live in a townhouse near a college) and it's tough to fit more than one person in it. And my roommate leaves her stuff all over the kitchen table. So, regretfully, no.
  • Yes, me and the boys love to cook, we are always in there.
  • It stains the furniture with an essence, and intends to qualify an space for the production of nutrience, to all it's a pulse, whether the food is actually digested and resulting feces, or those possessed of bulimia continue their habit.
  • Pretty much yes, for some reason guests like to congregate under foot while I'm cooking. :)
  • no its just to look nice ha! comes in handy when i unwrap the take-aways :D

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