• wyou can use a hair growth pill and stmulate your scalp a lot
  • ...wait... and wait some more. Enjoy the process.
  • You'll have to really care for the hair that you already have. It's not that afro hair doesn't grow it just breaks so much that you don't really see it lengthening. I have relaxed hair as well and I'm on a mission to get it as long as possible-mine is just stay-short hair so i must be doing something wrong! To get some good tips on how to care for it you should join a group like this yahoo one called LONGBLACKHAIRCARE. they have so really good tips that will so help you when determining products to use and hairstyles caring for your, etc. I hope that ur the next black rapunzel soon. LOL!
  • Well the best thing you can do at first is just leave the hair alone! One of the main reasons our hair wont get longer is because we pop it of daily by styling it too much. I grew my hair out from just barely shoulder length to mid back in about a year and a half by wearing wigs. They protected my hair so that i wasn't popping it of all the time with heat styling and combing. Since I started 2 yrs ago, I also noticed that my hair grew rapidly during the time when i was working out 3 or more times a week and drinking all my water. HUGE difference from the time when i wasn't working out. I totally swear by this routine. I am walking proof that the wig thing works. The exercise and diet will add a major boost too.
  • I am going natural from my perm, but one thing that has my hair growing continuosly is vitamins. I will take daily a Vitamin B12 and before then I was taking Vitamin E&D. Drinking plenty of water, staying away from harsh hair product ingredients and yes...I wash my hair and condition it as needed and will pop my wig on daily. Key about wearing wigs though is to take great care of your hair underneath it!
  • Heres an intereting tip. If you want your hair to recieve the deepest conditioning with the best protein treatment available, use a raw egg. I have not used shampoo for several years now.My hair is so strong-even hair dressers want to know what I use. Its a highly concentrated protein plus vitamins,iron,with a rich source of amino acid compounds. Simply leave on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes and then use a deep conditioner. It stop breakage in its tracks. Plus it dead cheap! One more point I erge you to consider! Ive watched a video which showed that 1 billion dollar black hair care industry goes out of the black community and into the hands of asians. Try and buy black if you can sisters.Lets support our community and put the profits back into our hands.
  • heythere, check this out I found the info on wikihow Relax your hair every 8 to 9 weeks depending on your hair's needs. Do not relax your hair every time new growth appears, since relaxing too often causes damage to the hair. For one week following your relaxer, use a reconstructor instead of your regular conditioner when you wash your hair. Aphogee makes an excellent reconstructor and shampoo. After a week return to your regular Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, Creme of Nature,is a good one to use. Wash and condition your hair every 4 to 7 days. Try to use mild and gentle shampoo and conditioner designed for chemically-treated hair. Paul Mitchell is an excellent line for damaged/chemically-treated hair. Using a deep conditioner that contains both protein and moisture once per week is ideal, try Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak or Paul Mitchell Hair Repair. Chemically-treated hair must always be treated with a leave-in conditioner after every wash. Motions Nourish is a great example of this. Comb the wet hair with a wide tooth comb or shower/detangling comb as the wet hair is in its most vulnerable state and is more likely to break. For those who need to wash more frequently than every 4-7 days, cowashing is an excellent alternative to the wash/condition. Cowashing is washing your hair with a lightweight preferably)moisturizing conditioner, eliminating the shampoo step which can be very drying to chemically treated/damaged hair when done relatively too frequently. Many with relaxed hair cowash daily. For best results, simply rinse the hair well with warm water, and apply conditioner to the hair, starting about 2 inches away from the scalp, and smooth it through to the ends. Apply more to the ends if they are dry. Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp unless it is dry. Rinse conditioner very well. It is best to avoid using heat to dry your hair, especially if the relaxed hair is somewhat damaged. However, if your hair is healthy and you prefer heat, you can either blow dry the hair on low heat or use a hood dryer with magnetic rollers. The hair should be completely dry before you use a curling or flat iron on it. Make sure to use a heat protection product prior to any heat use. When using a curling iron to style your hair, do not allow the barrel cover to clamp down on your hair. Hold the barrel cover slightly open and allow the hair to move over the curling iron barrel without the tugging and pulling caused by pressure from the barrel cover. Whenever the barrel cover clamps down on your hair it creates a weak point at which breakage is inevitable. An ionic, ceramic curling iron or flat iron works well and is easy to find. You can also invest in heat appliances utilising tourmaline, ionic technology having temperature controls. Relaxed hair can be easily styled at 300 degrees or less. Try to use heat protective products (serums or creams, not oils) prior to any and all heat styling. Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, Nexxus Heat Protexx, and Chi Silk Infusion are good products for this. Never use hair oil on relaxed hair as a moisturizer as oil does NOT moisturize the hair but rather functions as a sealant (meaning it protects the cuticle layer from damage and moisture loss). If your hair is well conditioned you won't need any daily moisturizers at all--you can instead apply a small amount oil daily. For best results, choose a lightweight oil (such as jojoba, coconut, almond, or olive oil) rub a small amount (1-2 drops) in the palms and spread lightly through the hair, focusing on the ends of the hair and then work up toward the rest of the hair length. Applying a small amount of oil can act as a leave-in conditioner and provides excellent conditioning in preparation for the next shampooing. Use as little heat as possible with your hair as heat can only do more damage to relaxed hair. It's ok to style your hair with a curling iron occasionally, however a rollerset is the best method. If you want to maintain a curly look over a few days, pincurling is a healthy option. Be sure to use hair-friendly pins and a satin bonnet to prevent dryness and breakage over night. Water based moisturizers are best for all hair types, although leave-in conditioners can double as moisturizer for the hair. Ultra Black Hair Lotion Creme is an excellent moisturizer as well as S-curl activator. You can also try Dudley's PCA Moisture Retainer or ORS Carrot Oil creme. Avoid moisturizers with petrolatum and mineral oil unless you wash/condition and/or cowash regularly. Applying a moisturizing conditioner to dry hair for 30 minutes to an hour and following with a warm/cool water rinse can help maintain the hair's moisture balance and make it more pliable. Drink plenty of water daily, get enough of rest, eat well, alleviate stress, and exercise regularly to produce the healthiest hair possible. Take a multi-vitamin, Biotin, Omega-3 Oil, and other supplements as needed.
  • Hi, i have tried to upload some pictures of my hair, but i amnot sure if it did work out, well, anyway, here it goes>] i have a big hair, yea i have, such big hair that turns ppl head on the spot, wow wow, but i aint here to brag bout it, this is just a fact, for me it is like how to keep it fly and nice. well, i dont want wash my hair very often but one every 10 days, anyway i live in scotland and it is a cold country, so you will never sweat over here. organic shampoo all the time.(expensive ones) drinking water go to run from time to time and believe it is good for the circulation(ur blood-circulation is very important for the grow-up of hair BELIEVE ME.) and i also use a formula made up of> egg white-almond oil-and squeeze two o three lemon, wash my hair with a good shampoo and then put the formula on my hair leaving it for almost 45 minutes, then rinse it out with lot of water, no needs to put anything else JUST water FOLKS and my hair looks soft and shining for weeks. it is just awesome. there are some tables from china, it is called: SHENG FA CAPSULES> and it is made up of 5 natural ingredients. check it out if u want and u willnt be dissapointed by this product, all of the ingredients are interrelated to blood circulation and come from plants. i took my time to check all of them out and i been taking these tables for a year, it has helped me out a lot. oH MY GOD. i hope u can see my pictures. no idea if the upload went to a treat. good luck
  • if you cowash hair every other day with hydrating conditioners. after that, you should let your hair dry by itself. Do not use blow dryer, Use little bit (dime-sized) moisturize lotion every day on the hair ends only, if your hair is thick use a quarter-size of moisturize lotion. I recommend to use ultra black hair moisturize lotion they are very good. If you keep this regime. I promise your hair will grow long. I did this about 18 months my hair grew from shoulder length to armpit length..just be patient. GOOD LUCK
  • Braid them down into cornrows
  • If I had to read all the stuff on here my hair would have grown five inches by now. Get a great moisturizer and use it. Don't cut it. Good luck.
  • The reason why hair doesnt seem to grow is breakage. Beware of breakage. Learn to know what and when your hair breaks. Stop pulling your hair, use wide tooth comb to detangle it starting cautiously at the ends, use coconut oil to moisturize your ends(this is the best oil for your hair), protect hair with silk scarf when sleeping, avoid exposure under the sun, wash and condition hair deeply after leaving the pool. Condition hair often by doing cowashes with conditioner only(shampoo only every 8 to 15 days). After washing your hair, wait until it is 50% dry before you set it(wet hair is way more fragile than dry hair). These tips should work.

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