• Sorry but no. It would mess up their endocrine system. There is no way a vet would carry out the procedure while the cat is in heat.
  • ok but can u fix her while he is in those few weeks between the heat cycles , while she isnt heat but it will re begin in few weeks? Thanks for your answers , i really appreciate it
  • Not recommended. wait for the heat to pass ( sorry ) then fix before the next heat. Because the overies are swollen and makes it very difficult to find where you have to cut. It can be done but more expensive cause of the time involved to find where the slice need to be done
  • It is best to wait until she is not in heat.
  • ok , thanks avidgolfer , now the only problem is just to notice when she isnt in heat :P , ty all for your answers
  • It's possible but they prefer her to not be in heat.
  • Yes they can be fixed when in heat. Some vets will charge $5.00 or $10.00 more for doing it while they are in heat but there is no physical reason it can't be done.

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