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  • Take a look at yourself before you do that... cause if you put on a few, or let yourself go in any other way, you're going the wrong way! If its just a few pounds, ask them to take a walk or take over cooking for a week and cook some healthy meals. Chances are, your s/o isn't the only one with bad habits!
  • ARE YOU CRAZY???? Dont Go There, LOL.
  • Yo, you're fat
  • You shouldn't hint you should be more honest and say that you don't like the fact that they have put more weight on, then they can either dump you for being fickle or work on it together. Be honest in your relationship.
  • Sit down with an entire cheese cake and tell them you feel like you are falling behind. Don't tippy toe fence sitting is such a negative thing.
  • It's their body, I'm sure they know. Or you can just dump them since they obviously aren't that significant to you since you already have a problem with just a few pounds.
  • You never say that to a you hear ask her if she would like to join the gym with you so that both of you can excerise for health reasons....Never say she is fat....your a dead man
  • No need. Just have lots more sex that'll get them to work it off in a positive/loving way. Chances are they know if they are putting weight on everytime they get dressed and things are getting tighter. You don't need to hint it. If you are concerned for their health just cook more healthily instead of ordering take-out/cooking/buying junk food and get more active together.
  • pffft! I guess it would be enough to just say: "hon, I have notice that we have been WAY too happy and harmonious lately. I have found a way to piss you off, make you feel completely self-conscious AND have me sleep on the couch at the same time...."
  • No good way. None. Start doing phyically active things and ask him to join you. Start making changes in the dinner menus and go for healthier stuff and say "the family can benefit from good nutrition."
  • You need to let your s/o broach the subject by referring to increased weight. If this is not possible you could ask if the clothing is getting tighter when they struggle to get their buttons shut. Or, when they seem out of breath when doing activities. etc. You can then continue on with the conversation being very subtle, etc. about the increase and how to prevent further increase. It largely depends on the s/o's approach/attitude on where to go from there. It could be a very touchy subject or he/she could ask for your help and cooperation. You need to play the situation entirely by ear.
  • Hey fatso, come watch the big looser with me!!!!!!
  • When my husband started gaining weight and I wanted to bring it up, I mentioned that we go for a walk together; instead of telling him to get off his lazy butt and doing something exercise-y, I told him *I* was going to go work out and asked if he wanted to join me. When he would ask me about it, I said that I wasn't happy with my own body, and suggested that both of us could use a little more exercise. That way, he didn't feel attacked or like I was being mean. I didn't make him feel unattractive, and he was able to come to his own conclusion that he was letting himself go without any pressure.
  • Your s/o knows. Say,"Let's go for a walk," splurge for boneless/skinless chicken breasts and low sodium deli turkey, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, and be supportive. Exercise will do you both good!
  • "Hinting" about your S/O having put on a few pounds is a bad idea under any circumstances. Whether she says so or not, she will either resent it or begin to question just why it is you "love" her ... or BOTH! Did she become your S/O because of her weight? If so, your relationship is on very shaky ground to begin with. Beauty fades and youth passes, but a loving heart and a beautiful soul are forever.
  • Caution: these suggestions are intended for entertainment purposes only. HasntBeen Enterprises, Inc and It Aint Real™ Entertainment accept no responsibility for the consequences of any full or partial attempt to use these suggestions on one's actual spouse. 1- Fake a phone call to yourself while she's standing there. Grunt and act surprised, but say "yes, I understand... I'll talk to her." Act nervous. When she wants to know who is calling, tell her "it's the seismology lab at the university. They're asking if you could hop out of bed a bit more gently". 2- Get someone to send you a holiday card addressed to "Mr. Smith and The Blob" (substitute last name as needed). 3- Purchase several full cases of Weight Watcher meals. Remove everything else from the refrigerator and hide it in an icebox. Fill the thing full of the WW meals. When she asks, tell her "It must have been the Fat Fairy!" 4- When she's out, take her favorite jeans down to an alterations shop and have them take in the waist 2 inches.
  • Honey ...., I think we need to hit the gym soon ;););)
  • Just tell them in a kind like way. But never get mad about it, if some day they happen to say the same thing about you. Just remember the old saying. "What goes around, comes around."
  • Maybe do a little internal adjustments to your bathroom scale, so that it gives a positive false reading each time. Plus take and buy a few magnified mirrors, to replace the standard ones you already have in your home......I don't know!!! Sounds kind of like dangerous waters to get into....LOL.......M.C.S.
  • Don't bring it up that your S/O has put on a few pounds, but suggest that you, yourself, have decided to try to eat a little healthier and get a little more exercise, and thought it might be something you two could work on together. Start by taking a walk together after dinner, going to the gym together, making some changes in what and how you eat -- but whatever you do, do it as a team.
  • You need size 36s? I thought you wear 34s? Other than that there is no good way.............

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