• Yes. I think those who rake in the royalties have great sentimental attachment to the trilogy.
  • I could see it having nostalgic value instead of sentimental. Maybe to James Cameron it would be "sentimental".
  • I really, really, really adore the first two movies. I didn't like the third; it seemed like a forced way to get Arnold back into the role. They have a kind of sentimental value to me b/c writing about them in a book helped me get promoted to full professor (not just those movies but others too), but I just really enjoy T2--it's pure cartoony escapism with a lot of humor, irony, and spectacular action.
  • Yes, something's logical in there, it's like the epitome of consumer might care how it's made (interesting but...)yet it makes you wonder what could possibly outdo all others because people just keep wanting more and better.
  • I think the first two movies do. The third one was definitely not in the same league. I still shudder when I hear the soundtrack to T2. It's very haunting.
  • first one is cool but the rest are kinda lame
  • Yes, the first two were constantly desensitizing me.

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