• If you want to prevail, it's better to avoid precarious conditions.
  • The current financial situation in the U.S. is precarious, but if cooler heads prevail, we should see a turn-around in the next 1-2 years.
  • It is difficult to prevail in an argument with precarious evidence.
  • Yes. We could make perfect sentences without having to balance ourselves precariously over some obsolate rule of English grammar and prevail upon anyone to accept that the sentence fabricated by us makes excellent sense .
  • Yes, I can. Wait, is this your homework?
  • The prevalent precariousness prevailed, precariously. *blink* ..Oh I guess that's a no then. :{ I cannot.
  • The pussy cat's precarious perch proved pretty pricey, as she tumbled and fell and didn't even land on her feet. The mice prevailed. They got away, regrouped, and came back and malled poor Princess the pussy cat, who was preening, in a precariously unguarded place, preposterously. *blink* ...Yea. Still probably not. And that was more than one sentence. Oh poop.

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