• Ask if changed any attitudes toward war.
  • Indicate they we have not learned from this horrific action and mention the use and effects of depleted uranium on civilians, troops etc in our current 'wars'. The effects ....if you can bear to look .. and
  • Like all essays, you'll need a start, middle and an end. In the start, put what your objective is (that the bombing was good), and outline why. In the middle, extrapolate on your reasons why. At the end, sum up what you have in the middle. Be creative in your reasons why the bomb was good, and back up your argument, and you should be fine.
  • How would you write an essay that the sneak Sunday morning attack on Pearl Harbor was right? Re: atomic bomb: It ended the war. Saving lives in the aggregate. Is the traditional thinking. The idea of dropping any type bomb on civilians is not unique. The effectiveness of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs are what shock people. But, from my point of view, killing civilians with any type bomb is what is shocking. The idea that a new technology was used is no more alarming than using conventional bombs. Dead is Dead no matter what methods are used. The amazing fact is that it has never been necessary to use another atomic or nuclear bomb. I doubt any modern country currently has the will power to take this measure until thoroughly provoked.
  • I say outline the essay before writing it have all of your info straight. Intro Then for your paragraphs you can list and explain why you think it was acceptable for the United States to drop the Bomb on Japan give examples on how it helped the world. Then of course your conclusion. How long does your paper have to be?
  • I dont know because I don't think that dropping the bomb on them was right.
  • Simply put, how the dropping of the Atomic bombs not only put a full stop on the WW2, but arguably kept the world stable ever since. The war may have dragged on for quite a few months if conventional fighting had continued.
  • How about that Truman didn't even know about the bomb program until after FDR died?
    • Lesli Torres

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