• Those drugs are narcotics and no you cannot legally purchase them over the counter in the U.S.
  • If you are ill you should see a doctor. They will prescribe a painkiller that is appropriate to your needs. Good luck.
  • Educator has it right - hydrocodone, oxycodone and oxycontin are all controlled substances. You would do a lot better going to your doctor and asking him for a prescription: but only if you really need them.
  • so is there no similar, less powerful product available? it has always helped me sleep with my constant back problems, and last time i went to the doctor, all he told me was to constantly stretch
  • NO! you can't even buy them in canada. If you really need them then you doctor will give them to you. BUt if its only for bakc pain and you are under 50 chances are you wont get them. Its only for severe pain and chronic pain in the elderly as its highly addictive and not somethign doctors want you on for a long period of time. Sounds like your addicted to me...and you supply has ran out. If you have back problems then listen to your doc. exercsie, eat right, get massages and ask for a referal to go see a chiropractor.
  • Try, 2 benadryl allergy & cold and a full dose of immodium ad liquid. Might help, this is what helped me through withdrawl when I stopped taking vicodin

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