• One. My wedding ring...white gold. The surface is etched so that it looks like there are stones all the way around but there aren't.
  • Alright lets see, on my right and left index finger I have about 0 sparkling rings, white gold with emerald accents. Middle Fingers I have Half as many as that. My ring fingers are loaded with nothing and I havent found the right man ring for my pinky fingers. Whats that add up to?
  • One. On my left hand. A 2.25 ct. Colombian Emerald men's ring with diamond melee accents. I bought the stone from a gemstone broker a few years ago and custom made the ring from 18k. gold.
  • 2, my engagement ring and my wedding band. I LOVE rings..but im a size 9/10 and i can never find feminine rings in my size ;_;
  • None. I take my rings off at night. During the day I put one on my left hand given to me by Jim..It is a gold laser cut ring that I love. The one on my right hand is a gold sandollar which my son gave to me many many years ago..maybe 25 years ago. I wear a chain around my neck with a small golden unicorn my son gave me when I turned 45 and I also wear my mom's wedding ring on that chain. I remove that at night and put it back on in the morning as well. Happy Sunday! :)
  • 10K gold ring, Class of 1975, Colton High (Colton, California). It has a simulated garnet. (School colors are crimson and gold.)
  • I'm not wearing any rings :)
  • None. I almost never wear a ring of any kind. The biggest exception is when I go to the casino to play blackjack I wear a ring I inherited from my father. It's kind of a good luck thing.
  • I'm wearing two on my right ring finger. They are from my son. One from Christmas..its gold with MOM on it and diamonds above and below it. The second I got for my was precious he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. (He was only 5)That one is below the other and is gold with 7 diamonds going across...diamond band.
  • 2. a plain white gold band on my right thumb. on my right ring finger, three square cut pale peridot, bezel set in white gold, set point to point from knuckle to knuckle on 3 bands melded together on the palm side. it's my favorite ring thus far!
  • I'm not wearing any rings on my fingers, but I am wearing two around my neck on a silver chain. I have a small, thin silver ring with hearts over the top part of it, and the other is an anime cosplay ring. Its silver, and in the center its purple with Japanese calligraphy that says "Sphere", and looks kinda like a school ring.
  • 0 I never wear rings and rarely any jewelry at all
  • My wedding ring is inertwined strands of white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. On my other hand I wear a silver band with intertwining egraving.
  • It is a small almost square Topaz in the middle with very small diamonds on each side of it. It is my birth stone, I was born twice in the same month so I enjoy wearing it. It might be mistaken for an engagement ring as well but this ring was not given to me by anyone. Many years ago I wore a small thin pinky ring I bought in Mexico which I liked a lot.
  • As far as I can recall I haven't worn a ring since 2001.

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