• Walk over and say hello ... Tell this wonderful person how attractive you find them ... Then ask ... Without seeming rude, is there any chance you would consider going out with me sometime?
  • let's see... buy a small goldfish bowl and fill it with the goldfish snacks... and put a little home made card inside of it drawn out in crayons... "Of all the fish in the sea, I choose you to be with me. So, let's see what our future will be..."
  • Tried simply "coming?"
  • Look around and find something interesting to point out and to comment about. Then introduce yourself. If there is a friendly response, then the asking out point is open to possibility.
  • Talk to their friends first. That way you'll find out if they are worth asking out in the first place and what sort of subjects you need to small talk before asking them out.
  • just say would you like to go out with me

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