• The right to own, hold, and aim weapons. You can't actually use it though...
  • The right to keep and bear arms. To me, the 2nd Amendment means that I am allowed to possess and use standard firearms for the purpose of hunting and to protect my family, myself, and my property against malicious attacks and damage.
  • From Family Guy " do you think its clear the we mean that every American has the right to own a pair of mounted bears arms?"
  • It means Mine andYour Individual Right To Keep And Bear Arms. And the 2nd amendment prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms." It means the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It means that you and I have the right of individual self defense. "When our ancestors forged a land "conceived in liberty", they did so with musket and rifle. When they reacted to attempts to dissolve their free institutions, and established their identity as a free nation, they did so as a nation of armed free men. When they sought to record forever a guarantee of their rights, they devoted one full amendment ( the 2nd Amendment) out of ten to nothing but to preserve the protection of their right to keep and bear arms against governmental interference. This means we have the right to keep a firearm in our home, we are able to secure a license to carry our guns concealed on our person, and in our vehicles and use a fiream for lawful self defense or defese of others. It means that the Government will not control how many firearms I will own or what type, make, model or caliber. It is mine and your free choice to keep and bare arms.
  • simple, it means i can own a gun, but in new york state, you need a permit for a pistol.
  • It means Americans with guns. It means poor black kids being shot dead. It means murder and suicide. That's what it means to me.
  • Its a right I am being denied
  • Well I could quote the second amendment, or I could just tell you that the right to bear arms allows me to hunt whenever i so choose
  • It means that I have the right to own and use firearms for my own personal safety as well as hunting. So long as I stay inside the law and do not use them in any sort of crime or for suicide. The people who use them for those reasons are the ones that make gun owners look bad. Not only do they usually not get them legally but they also make it harder for honest people to get them legally.
  • I Agree with the US Supreme Court that the clause concerning the Militia cannot be ignored. Further the second amendment only limits the fedral governement, and does not effect state laws which take priority. FYI, the second amendment does not mention hunting... I don't know where you guys are reading that.
  • It actually means "the right to have swords, pitchforks and hatchets". Muskets and guns in those days killed more of their own soldiers than the others. Also, a gun is basically a heavy club without the ammo. You notice it says only "bear arms" and does not include munitions or materials to use or maintain those arms. Meaning it was something the founding fathers thought would eventually be done away with in time.
  • What does Dirty Harry have to say about it? "Do you feel lucky?
  • Like hunting? Better get a weapon!
  • Like hunting? Better get a weapon!
  • i think they should do away with guns altogether
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Disarming the knight does not make the peasant safer.
  • It means they can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

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