• Bosco Chocolate and "I'd like to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner" ...
  • The old alka seltzer commercial: plop,plop fizz,fizz oh what a relief it is
  • J-E-L-L-O
  • my bologna has a first name it's O-S-C-A-R. my bologna has a second name it's M-A-Y-E-R. Oscar meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.
  • Long, long ago..."Winston tastes good like a (bom bom) cigarette should."
  • Since the question doesn't specify, I can truthfully say that the oldest commercial jingle I can remember is one I never heard in its original venue. My mother used to sing it, and I learned it from her: Shredded Ralston for your breakfast Starts the day out shining bright Gives you lots of cowboy energy And a flavor that's just right It's delicious and nutritious Bite-size and ready to eat Take a tip from Tom, go and tell your mom Shredded Ralston can't be beat. You can find it on the internet. "Tom" refers to Tom Mix, a silent film character who later appeared in radio plays.
  • You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. Very popular product for Dental Hygiene in the 50's.
  • Adeedo - it was a late night one with a plumber, "Who comes to your house in rain or shine" Then this goofy guy would come on and say ADEEDO in a long drawn out voice. Must be 30 years old???
  • I remember this ad from when I was a kid. (I can't believe I found a clip of it) .... Brylcreem - A little dab will do ya !!
  • "The finest apples from Apple Land make Mott's Apple Juice just grand." Sung by apples hanging on a tree. Late 1940's - early 50's.
  • LS/MFT Luck Strike / Means Fine Tobacco Ready KiloWatt Burns and Allen for Carnation Evaporated Milk
    • Thinker
      LOL! when I was a kid LS/MFT was "Loose sweater means flabby tits" Just a joke from many years past.
  • Oh, I would love to be an Oscar Mayer weiner. That is what I would truly love to be 'cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener everyone would be in love with me
  • Mr. clean
  • Aren't you hungry for Burger King now Beautiful skin begins with Noxzema
  • Um--best part of waking up, is folgers in your cup. My favorite jingle from when I was younger was the Performance Fleece from Old Navy jingle. Anyone remember that? I still remember the lyrics! Although I won't bore you with them :D
  • Cracker Jacks in the '60's, shows how old I am. :-)
  • j-e-l-l-o
  • Royal Pudding: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rich, rich, rich with flavor, Smooth, smooth, smooth as silk, More food energy Than sweet, fresh milk. [There were several versions of the last line] Also, before Brylcreem was Wildroot Cream Oil: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get Wildroot Cream Oil, Charlie, It keeps your hair in trim! It's non-alcoholic, Charlie, It's made with soothing lanolin
  • The aliens singing "for mash get smash".
  • Hai Karate, a cologne for men back in the 60s I believe?
  • You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent! Can't post video, don't know how.
  • "Brylcreme, a little dab'll do ya."
  • I'm a Pepper, She's a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
  • Chock-ful of nuts is a heavenly coffee.
  • You'll Wonder Where the Yellow Went When You Brush Your Teeth With Pepsodent
  • Happy little Vegemite and Areoplane jelly song
  • I love my Mounds.. Lots of chewy coconut..M M M My Mounds. Rich in deep dark chocolate..M M M My Mounds...Your the one New England..New England Telephone..LaChoy makes Chinese Food..Swing American
  • My father bought the first TV for our home in 1951. We had one channel station from Mexico. We live on the border. Bebrick collision repair and paint in Brownsville, TX had an ad with a jingle. I can still sing the jingle today.
  • I remember the jingle from the 1970's Lark cigarettes commercial (Most people could probably recall Winston, but music is my thing and the Lark jingle was particularly interesting music so it stuck out at me.
  • well I bet this is the OLDEST on here......WAAAY back in the 1950's, when I was a 'little kid' TV first came out......... there was a lady who played piano & sang; her name was Roberta Quinlan..........her sponsor was Mohawk carpets............: Carpets from the looms of Mohawk Carpets for your rooms from Mohawk rugs to grace your floors with beauty woven for the toughest duty.... NOW THIS HAS TO BE THE OLDEST ONE remembered, right? let's see if any other OLD TIMERS here can come up with an older one!! this one dates from around 1951 or so................!!!
  • "Palisades has the rides Palisades has the fun Come on over... " Alas, I never got to go there.
  • 8-14-2017 (Don't let the face creep you out!)
  • 588-2300, EMPIRE!!!! And also, although not the earliest, the most unforgettable is "Oh no! It must be Eagle Man!" Anybody else grow up in Chicago? Moo and Oink. Moo moo moo and oink.
  • A local body and fender repair and paint place. I can still sing their jingle. It was on our only TV station at the time, XELD 7 out of Matamoros, Mexico back in 1951
  • Coke - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing...

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