• Caring about someone and their problems and not beating them up more then necessary for their mistakes.
  • Understanding others.
  • Empathy. Being able to see the other person's point of view.
  • I think it involves very gentle tactile touching either on the back of the head or on the arm just below the shoulder. Mix in some verbal "awwwww"s
  • A nice person, who is calm and doesn't bother. Like a sweet person that understands and tries to help others.
  • Sympathy exists when the feelings or emotions of one person give rise to similar feelings in another person, creating a state of shared feeling. In common usage, sympathy is usually the sharing of unhappiness or suffering, but it can also refer to sharing other (positive) emotions as well. The psychological state of sympathy is closely linked with that of empathy, but is not identical to it. Empathy refers to the ability to perceive and directly experientially feel another person's emotions as they feel them, but makes no statement as to how they are viewed. Sympathy, by contrast, implies a degree of equal feeling, that is, the sympathizer views the matter similarly to how the person themselves does. It thus implies concern, or care or a wish to alleviate negative feelings others are experiencing.

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