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  • what is that?
  • If I knew what it is, I might be able to answer. The fact that I don't know makes me think it's not that common.
  • I don't know anyone that does that. It's rather painful having anything inserted into that little hole.
  • Personally I think it is VERY uncommon and would be up there along with anal fisting and scat fetishes among men. In fact, anal fisting is probably a lot more common than urethral sounding. For those who do not know, sounding is the sexual act of pushing a metal pipe (a sound) up the urethra (the pee hole) for sexual pleasure. How that is pleasure -- I have no idea!!
  • Like all acquired taste, this one is a slowly acquired taste. And starts mostly as a "Do it to my sub, to show he is my sub." But after a while... anything can become sexualized. When you see them in toy catalogs, they are very pricey. Q-Tips can be used, with lube to get an idea of what is to be found, but the real thing has to do with direct stimulation of the prostate ... from the inside. Almost ALL intense stimulation is at first sensed as painful/uncomfortable, but when you relax and find that you have not been damaged the mind has a tendency to reclassify the input. FYI Sounds go back 200 or 300 years as a Treatment for several types of VD and prostate enlargement (benign and cancer) as a way to open up the way to the bladder.
  • ask a radiographer, they will have some stories to tell you which would frighten the most daring. I have a friend who is one and he worked late shift at a hospital in the early days and had guys in with all sorts of things stick in there: TV Coax aerial cable, bamboo skewer, inside of a pen (the ink part). I'll leave it at that, way to freaky for me.
  • oh, damn, i didn't know what this question meant, Damn, shit, that is whack. how can i get this out of my mind?
  • Yow! Don't even ASK that question. +2
  • I read in a local news paper, doctors taken out 4 match box sticks from a man of aged 25 or so. I never heard of it any where else other than then and now.
  • I think it is a thing that dominatrices like to do to their submissives... If she could tie me down tight enough, she could do it to me, but I don't think I would like it. That is a very sensitive spot!
  • only in the right setting i hope
  • Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00!!!
  • no ways
  • never done that .if is it for ass?our for pole?
  • its never sounds good
  • Please be careful a penile plug is very similar and if one was to get one with the bumps once inserted if it is to large one may find onceself in the emergency room for removal they can often remove them but you may need to be put under and of course if you happen to get a teaching doctor he may ask to photograph the procedure once out its great and one swears never to do suck a stupid thing again.. so please be careful.

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