• Yes, I put a collar and a leash on my first cat Matisse. I took him with me while my husband was fishing in a pond. The cat was trying to strangle himself and I never did it again.
  • My kitties never go outside unless they are on a leash. I live on a busy street, and in order to keep them safe, I got them leashes. They have always liked them, because they know they are going to go outside when I get them out.
  • We had a Rabbit named Cadberry and took him for walk's he even used the kitty litter box,For real
  • yes i have taken my cat for a walk.
  • Yeah. I took my bad-mannered nephew for a walk recently- those kiddie leashes are a great little invention. I also tried to walk a ferret once, it didn't go well.
  • At age 10 or so, I tried to take my pet chameleon for a walk, and he/she/it proceeded to slip out of the string leash I made for it and run away into the grass, never to be seen again. I cried for awhile. I was bummed out! My mother was pleased, but was compassionate enough not to voice or otherwise show it.
  • I've taken goats, cats, pigs, sheep, ducks, and rabbits on walks
  • I tried to take my gecko for a walk. Didn't work out so well.
  • I have tried to walk my cats. They were NOT having it, but my friend leash trained her cats.
  • I tried taking my cat, lol. He escaped and I had to chase him. That was a bad idea!
  • I tried to walk a cat once, a matronly chubby angora girl cat named Tuna. When I put the little body-harness and leash on her, she cried and fell over onto her side. I stood her up, and she complained and fell over again. Our walk did not go any further. Never tried it again, on any cat. Our present cats are indoor cats.
  • I have pictures of walking 2 dogs, two kids, 1 african gray parrot, 2 umbrella cockatoos and a cat. Everything but one dog was either sitting in or on the stroller :). Did I mention I am an animal lover?
  • Yes, I have a leash for my rabbit, and have taken him on a walk several times over the past month.
  • A couple of my cats...but they hate it. I have 2 neighbors that can do this. One walks her cat on a leash every morning (mine refuse the leash). The other has a baby carriage and brings her out for a walk every night after dinner. Her kitty sits in the pram like royalty and totally loves the attention she gets. :D I wish my cats would let me walk them.
  • I have a short leash for my cat when I take him in the car. He sits in the back wondow and hisses at everything so i dont do it much anymore because he can't relax and enjoy it. he is a homebody. I once had an iguana, and a sun conure and a Chinchilla that all went for walks with me. The Chinchilla had a little harnass and everything, he loved it.

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