• War (i dont care abt dr this is first thing that comes to my mind)
    • Thinker
      The USA has been a warring nation since its inception. The Star Spangled Banner is all about war. It is always sticking its nose in other countries business.
  • Obesity. Bad food.
  • Our class and oh yea our humility
  • a mindset that says "I believe therefore I know" Sometimes I think Americans in general tend to think they're an expert on something just because they have ideas. But of course this doesn't apply to everyone. I tend to see a terribly slack work ethic as well. But then again it seems like America tries to accept everyone (as long as they don't look like a terrorist).
    • Linda Joy
      "I tend to see a terribly slack work ethic as well." That's a flat out lie!! Americans are extremely hard workers! "A new report from the International Labour Organization (ILO), which is a U.N. agency, finds that the average number of working hours per year was higher in the U.S. than in six developed countries used in the study’s comparison: Australia, the U.K., Sweden, Belgium, France and Germany."
  • Porn -Brad
  • I'm gonna be nice unlike some other's, I'm still proud to be American & wouldn't want to live any other place. I'm gonna say the All American Baseball & Apple pie!
  • racism
  • gluttony
  • As one who's never even been to America... the perception is: . Most don't know almost anything about the rest of the world. If they do know about any other country, they consider it inferior. Creationism. Wacky religious groups. Guns everywhere. Trailer parks. Attitude of "you're either with us or about to be invaded" According to Hollywood, there isn't a single non-dysfunctional family in the US.
    • Linda Joy
      "According to Hollywood, there isn't a single non-dysfunctional family in the US." That's a lie as well. Roseanne was famously dysfunctional!
  • Generosity.
  • I knew people were going to say mean things.. I do agree with the "war", which isn't the peoples fault, it's our government's.
  • Airline security. Better believe it.
  • Chinese food, Pizza, and the Chimichanga...
  • Hot dogs
  • You know I am American and that I live abroad, unfortunately we are known for all the wrong things on earth. The nasty issues that have been said by other users are true, it hurts but true. I got this video from You Tube I did not have the heart to post others which are quite insulting, check what an American says about us, this should teach us were we are going wrong:
  • Our loudness and lack of foreign langague skills?
  • the welfare system
  • Pharmaceutical innovation, entrepreneurship, #4 on the 25 best countries in the world. We're the most influential country in the world, we have excellent educational systems. Independence, democracy, freedom, sports, music, Hollywood. We have more international migrants than any other country, so there must be some reason why people want to come here. And the reason everyone criticizes America and Americans is jealousy, plain and simple.
  • Some Americans are known to deny the truth about them (read some of the truthful answers on here that are considered negative). Either they deny or have difficulty accepting things that are said about them. Their reaction to that is either resort to violence or become hostile. Now, I said some Americans and not all of them. I am not against Americans. It’s what some of them do such as violence that is contributing to problems of the world among other countries. I don’t like to stereotype people and that’s why I say “some of them”. Other Americans will be more civil. A lot but not all of them do illegal drugs.
  • Wars and Lies unfortunately president Biden has made you all the laughing stock of the world. As the rest of the world thinks this pathetic wokeness comes from the USA you lost a lot of repect on the international stage. Most important Americans I see talk on TV are spruking impossable unbleiveable rubbish. If its to good to be true it usually is. Corprate scum seam to control the USA.I probably should add the 20 or so Americans Ive drank beers with were top blokes. They told me about the corpo scum stealing your country.

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