• McDonalds
  • I live in such a small town that there is nothing really that I would tell you to avoid...except maybe the sewage pond.
  • I've read, and I have to agree yup, "McDonalds" LOL
  • The garbage dump right next door to our only mall, aka Fresh Kills, Staten Island, NY
  • Just one of the bars it is pretty raunchy everything else is fine.
  • Prince George (PG) County, The northern part of Baltimore City..well actually just about anywhere in Baltimore except the inner harbor, Any suburb right outside of DC area, Security Mall, Dundalk, well heck there's drugs and shootings all over here..just don't go anywhere that isn't well lit and don't carry cash on you. It's all good block bad block everywhere else in Baltimore and DC, you can end up in some pretty scary places if you don't know where you are going.
  • Sorry, but I just cannot think of anything. Well there are the obvious things like "awoid going to the bottom of the waterfilled clay pits, you would drown"; but a visit to a swimming pool have most likely taught you that already. And down at the harbor there are 2 restaurants. The Yacht club have one that is expensive and serve small portions of bad food, The fishermens tavern serve solid and good food cheap. So comparatively you should avoid the Yacht Club restaurant. Then again maybe you like quiche ;-)) regards JakobA
  • That bridge at the end of N. 17th at the Holdridge intersection (the one just S. of the RR tracks. I'm sure it's posted,etc. but the engineers have found it to be unsafe with the metal supports rusted and corroded. You may walk or bicycle over it but no vehicles!!!
  • Old farmer Doyle's place. He don't like outsiders. Well that or my bedroom, you really don't want to know what goes on in there.
  • Avoid the local greasy spoon, in town. The dirt in the parking lot probably tastes better than their crappy food. :)
  • Well we don't have a McDonalds (we are blessed!) I can't really think of anywhere Mrs C. Probably not a good idea to be outside Club Seven when it turns out. (Youngsters too full of alcohol)
  • Your idea of living permanently in my town:)) It is too expensive
  • I don't know, it's pretty nice area. But you should avoid the hatfield meat plant (my dad works for hatfield but with math and numbers and stuff not in the plant) IT SMELLS!
  • New Miami!! It's a little town under me(in Trenton), it is nothing but trains. You'll always get caught up for an hour in between them! It sucks, I did a little earlier today.
  • Where I live is really quiet so you could go anywhere.
  • I wouldn't tell you to avoid anything, I've seen you on AB, Mrs. Cleaver can hold her own.
  • Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. You are always welcome to window shop. 🪟
  • Not right in town but close enough, anywhere along the Rio Grande on the Texas/Mexico border on the Mexican side of the Rio Bravo. Going into Mexico right now is considered very dangerous. I have not crossed in over 3 years now. It used to be fun to go to the market and to eat at one of the great restaurants there but not now. When I was a teen it was fun to go across and visit the girls but no more. The drug cartels have ruined it for everyone.
  • #3 - Prison - #2 - the warfront in Ukraine - and the #1 place I would tell you to avoid at all costs [drumroll...] - the surface of the Sun

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