• It may seem petty to correct your spelling, but AB is here for us all to improve our knowledge, and it's nothing personal, the spelling is 'extinct'. If Dinosaurs had not become extinct, we would probably still be small frightened rodents, as any larger mammals would be eaten. Dinosaurs may well have evolved into even larger and more frightening creatures, but this is all pure conjecture, as in the 65million years since the Cretaceous extinction event many changes to the worlds environments have occurred, so they might have been forced to evolve into smaller forms. So in short, the answer is nobody really knows!
  • there would be allot of dinosaur farms for the eggs, meat, etc. btw your spelling is ok in my book?
  • We would probably kill them all like we do everything. Study them, disrupt their homes, kill their young, you know, normal human stuff. We wouldn't let them die off though, we would breed breed with breed.
  • 9-2-2017 There is a major problem with people pretending to know stuff when they don't. Almost everybody assumes that the Earth was exactly the same then as it is now, except dinosaurs. Well, there were major differences. For one thing, most plants were gymnosperms, which means ferns and evergreens, which means cold climate. After the extinction most plants were angiosperms, meaning flowers and deciduous trees, which means distinct seasons. Some dinosaurs were very tall, which means either low gravity or high atmospheric pressure but we don't know which. So what was life like in those conditions? I dunno.

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