• He was born in Hawaii...relax...
  • I'm pretty sure the Secret Service under the then REPUBLICAN president would have said something a week before the election.
  • There is a law suit right now challenging Obama's birth place. Why won't Obama's birth record be made public knowledge? Why are his college recods sealed? I'm not trying to imply anything - this is the lawsuit. I don't understand why his records are not made public - all the other presidents have done this.
  • Your neighbor is off their rocker. He was born in Hawaii. He has the documentation to prove it, as demonstrated in a court of law.
  • The conspiracy theory is that he was born in Kenya. I don't think it's true, but quite frankly don't care if it is. Most conspiracy theories are complete bunk. There were a ton of them targeted at Presidents Bush and Clinton. Now it's Obama's turn. That's the way conspiracy theories work.
  • I've come the believe this is a non-issue. It all began with Obama's grandmother saying she witnessed his birth in Kenya. It has been magnified by his refusal to produce a Birth Certificate. Born in Hawaii or Kenya, there are bigger fish to fry.
  • Media carefully keeps it a secret. We can speculate but will never know for sure.
  • This conspiracy theory has been beaten to death by the media, and countless times on AB. His birth certificate has been produced and verified authentic. He was born in Hawaii, to an American mother. He is a U.S. citizen. The Supreme Court threw out the challenge of his citizenship. Your neighbor is just another one of those conservatives who didn't want him elected and chose to believe the b.s. propaganda.
  • Your neighbor must have lost his mind. This issue went all the way to the Supreme Court, the lawsuit by two citizens was dismissed and the case filed. Read "redcatt63" answer, he has explained it very well. Do you by chance believe that the Judges in the Supreme Court who are Republican and appointed by former Pres. Bush are covering up for Pres. Obama? If you do believe it then I am sorry but you also lost it. The first issue thrown on Pres. Obama was this one, then came several other issues which were proved as lies including the ones that he was a Freemason, the Antichrist, the head of the NWO and more. The latest one is that he is a communist or the GOP has run out of issues against Pres. Obama or they have lost their memory and are coming back to old issues.
  • He was born in Hawaii. Some dummies are just trying to disclaim that. Look it up.
  • I guess he forgot to tell you that he's Muslim and a Communist, eh?
  • A lot of people want to know. Obama isn't exactly overflowing with info on the matter and the lawsuit demanded that information be made public was denied by the federal judge on the case. It is likely a good thing because if it were found out that he was not a natural born citizen, there would likely be riots by Blacks all across America similiar to the Watts riots in California. We can't afford that happening now.
  • The wacky Conservative Right is out of ideas and has nothing to add to the debate. They realize that they are completely irrelevant, so the only way divide the country and bring Obama down is by lying about his birth certificate. This lie has been debunked several times, but the issue stirs up their uninformed and simple minded base. They know they can get away with lies like this because their base is either too lazy or too dumb to look up information on their own. Here's a couple of links from credible / nonpartisan sites, for you to show your uninformed neighbor...
  • It's what they're reduced to since the Republican Party has become politically irrelevant.
  • President Obama would not have been eligible for an SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation) or a Top Secret clearance had he not been a native citizen. The documents required to hold even his position as senator, let alone his clearance, included his birth certificate and all supporting documentation. He was as eligible as McCain, who just happened to have been born in Panama. This is a moot point.
  • I saw documents that he was born in Panama, his father was the one born in kenya.
  • hussein and his puppets could end this entire debate by producing a certified copy of the certificate. Yet they won't do it. This sounds bad. I needed mine and got it from Ohio within a week and $15.00. Why won't hussein do this? Another lie?
  • Your conservative neighbor is just spewing talking points.
  • President Obama is younger than I am. I was born on the very day that Hawaii became our 50th state. I have also seen his birth certificate. I can tell you that it is far more legitimate than W's military service record.
  • My question is when Obama went to Hawaii to visit his Grand Mother that said he was born in Kenya why did she die, it reminds me of Morgan Lefay and her son that later killed her.
  • If your neighbor could prove his statement then I would say give it lots of attention.If he could lay his hands on those documents and prove they are valid.He should present them to the Supreme Court as well as the press.

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