• PV=nRT So since P=1atm and T=273K you have R which is a constant. n is what you are solving for. n=PV/(RT) Be sure to watch you units on R. 0.082 057 46(14)Latm/(mol*K) n=(1atm)(10L)/((0.082 057 46)(273K))=0.4464mol
  • We can simply apply the formula that we learned when studying the Ideal Gas Law. According to that law, a mole of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure will occupy 22.4L. To find how many moles of the gas are in 10.0L, we do the following calculation: 10L / (22.4L/mol) = 0.446 moles Be sure to keep your significant digits in mind when coming up with your answer.
  • 10/22.4 =0.446 mol

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