• I believe babies usually start with a mild cereal around 4 or 5 months.
  • not really just try them at about 6 months onwards with really mushy stuff and if they want it they will eat it if not dont force it upon them
  • In the last two years the DR's opinions on this have changed quite abit. It used to be around four months, now they have changed the age to 6 months. Researchers say that babies under the age of 6 months do not have the capabilitie to digest anything other then mothers milk or formula, and they reccommend that a babies first food is mashed bananas. Keeping an infant on nothing but fluids for that long can be very challenging, especially for a breast feeding mother that has a very demanding infant, I think in this case you should consult your childs doctor.
  • Not on topic, but we had a toddler swallowing a coin an inch in diameter. I guess she must have found it under the bed... We didn't know untill we found it in her diaper. Scared the shit out of us too...
  • I Started My Daughter On infant Rice Cereal At Age 4 Months, She Seems To Digest It Just Fine, The Only Problem Is When She Gets To Impatient And Doesnt Want To Deal With The Hassle Of Using The Spoon, And Just Wants The Bottle. So If You Start Feeding Your Baby Infant Cereal At This Age, Dont Automatically Assume She Isnt Digesting It Right, Or That She Doesnt Like It When She Spits It Out At You Or Cries. Because They Just Arent Used To using The Spoon. And If She/He Seems Like She/He Doesnt Ever Want It, It Could Just Be That She Isnt Ready To use A Spoon Just Yet. Wait Another Two Weeks And try Again. Or When Its Gettin Close To The Feeding Time Start A Little Early And Give Him/Her Cereal. But If Its The First Time Giving The Baby Cereal It Has To Be Kinda Soupy So The Baby Can Just Suck It Off The Spoon.

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