• I would guess about 8 minutes because the town is shaped oddly and has a highway crossing through part of it.
  • about 8 minutes
  • My town is small, no lights and no stop signs on the road that runs through town. takes 90 seconds to go from one end of town to the other at the current speed limit of 30MPH.
  • Living in Bridlington prob bout 6 mins.
  • In Boston the only possible way would be the freeway through the Big Dig. You would have an accident for sure trying to drive without stopping on any of the surface roads.
  • Maybe a minute and a half.
  • Going from the two furthest possible points within the city, probably an hour if the traffic is decent.
  • You know the old saying..."If you blink you will miss it?".....Probably 30 seconds.
  • Hmm probably an hour. It's a reasonable size city (for New Zealand), plenty of motorways so yea estimate about an hour+ from outer suburb to outer suburb
  • Its on a main Hwy one stop light, but still maybe 5 mins if the light is green. God help if the light is red though you could be there a Still its getting bigger than I like.
  • i would guess maybe 15 to 20 minutes in my city
  • I can walk across it in three min's. But really tho, I live out in the country on a farm, that is about 5 miles around the road to town. If I don't walk these back roads into town. And just walk across the farms point to point into town. I can walk it in less than 45 min's. Then starting there in town, at the end of Main street, across town to the I-44 Interstate. It takes me about 3 min's. Now the fastest I've ever went through it, was 15 sec's. But that was not on foot.....LOL......Just don't tell the local PD I did it. They would be out there trying to do it themselfs........LOL..........Plus 5 for your question. ....................M.C.S.

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