• (No, I'm not a "Lady", but I don't have to be to give a valid answer.) Pretty much everyone in this society has some sort of inferiority complex. There are those disgustingly egotistical people who actualy believe in that they're better than everyone else, rather than worse, but mostly we just can't see ourselves objectively. So we think "Wow, she looks incredible, I'd really like to ask her out, but now, someone that incredible looking would never go out with me anyway," While alot of the time, the person you're thinking that about is looking at you and running through that same train of thought. Human nature, sad, isn't it?
  • "She's out of my league!" syndrome!
  • Perhaps they think that a woman that good looking must either be taken or gay?
  • Fear of rejection is stronger than attraction.
  • Speak for yourself, never worried me, besides what have you got to lose. They can only say no.
  • They probably have a lack of confidence or are afraid they will get shot down.
  • its hard to talk to someone who you feel is too good for you- or you feel she is out of your league
  • fear! don't waste time thinking about fear..imagine what you going to have if you talk to her:p
  • Some men think that woman is already taken or scared to be rejected. But if you really like that woman you can make alot of eye contact and if she does the same and smiles than she is attracted to you too and then you can approach her.
  • Its not the looks. They lack the confidence because of the fear of rejection.....we love the looks
  • Sorry for giving a "guy" answer. But another possibility is that he may think she's out of his price range. Even if he mustered the nerve to ask her out, her tastes might be above his budget. Please excuse if it makes he sound like a "pro". Nasty cold has my brain fogged and I can't get my wording right.
  • Everyone looks for someone who is "in their league" - roughly on a par with them in attractiveness. It's expected that a really good looking woman would decline a hideous man. No point asking. You could as well ask wjhy a man will not ask out someone who is repulsive. There are consideratins that overcome this bias. Extreme wealth, fame and power spring to mind.
  • I'm going to put a bit of female perspective on this so that the guys responding can get a general gist of what's going on in a females mind. Apparently, guys don't ask me out for the reason stated in the question. This doesn't make me angry or anything. But women do like to be asked out by a guy once in a while. If all these guys are going around with the same thought in their head (the 'I'm out of her league' syndrome) then she'll never get asked out by anyone... And do you know what that means? It means she's less likely to have a boyfriend than someone less attractive. Also, the way I figure it, if they aren't man enough to ask me out, they aren't man enough to be with me anyway. Ruffle those feathers, lads. Peacocking can be fun.
  • Why do most people, regardless of gender, fear to speak when the pressure is on? When we have to speak publicly-even before a friendly group of people- we are nervous; we wish we could be anywhere else, mainly for fear of looking silly. How many have enjoyed speaking in court, where our future well-being is at stake, knowing that the judge, well versed in the letter of the law, is listening intently? We just hope he/she is kind and patient when evaluating our speaking ability versus what we're trying to say. How about a job interview? We may covet that appointment, but we actually wish that there were some other way to get the job besides putting ourselves at the mercy of someone we've never met, hoping beyond hope (for some of us anyway) that we don't say anything silly, shooting ourselves in the foot. They say that somewhere between 2 and 5 percent of the population is what I'll call a "born salesman". They are marked with the ability to think quickly, speak smoothly and shrug off inevitable rejection, moving on the next mark.Do you pretty ladies really WANT to be some salesman's "next mark"? Salesmen are like that. Most admire that skill, even if we detest the person. Funny thing is, many of the best salesmen are personally detestable. True to form, a salesman is usually in the company of a pretty woman. Her big challenge is keeping him from testing his skills on every other pretty woman he sees. A question like this always evoke answers that reveal the emotion of fear. Fear is a great motivator,in the process of a man not approaching a woman, but just as important, when a man DOES approach. His fear of being alone forever, or not being with that lady he admires, is greater than the fear of rejection. Frankly, and you cutie pies can hate me more for saying it, women (especially the attractive ones) enjoy the "man leads in courtship" aspect of old school chivalry, clinging to it while the bulk of feminism advances, because it generally excludes them from facing the fear of what is actually a harmless situation (rejection by the opposite sex)- for which many women will gleefully ridicule men.
  • slow down just cause of someones looks men won't ask a woman out?she may look good but if she don't have any brains what good is she?
  • Maybe they think the person is already "taken"

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