• That went away when people started realizing they didn't have to work to pay their bills.
  • Most of us feel our country is asking too much. Especially when it asks for more than we can afford to give.
  • I think that so much of the population simply don't trust the government anymore.
  • It became passé when much of the Baby Boomer and Gen-X generation came of age and preferred the "gimme-gimme" philosophy instead.
  • That went with Carter.
  • George Bush waterboarded it!
  • I DID for my country ; BUT now my country has been screwing me over for YEARS ....
  • When that phrase was coined people had a choice.. I just finished filling out forms that gave 23% of my income to the "Country". I didn't have a choice. At the same time I drive on bad roads, questionable bridges, hope my children can learn enough to get into a good college and see fewer and fewer police officers and firemen in our area. Back in DC the elected officials are traveling all over the world with my money while chastising my employer (GM) for thinking they (one of the largest companies in the world) could have a corporate jet. I have "Done" for my country. I don't want to get it all back but shouldn't I get something?
  • I did for my country and made the military my career. I got hurt for my country and now they want to cut my benefits. I served this country the best it could be served and in return it slaps me in the face, by cutting what I have earned. This country gives illegal immigrants benefits and our own elders are starving and freezing. they gave to this country and it turned it's back on them also. Our America is gone and this America belongs to immigrants now, so why should I give anything more. let the immigrants give a little. Oh, they could not even by loyal to their own countries. They would not defend America, it is greedy to get all they can from America and that is all. I will not defend or support those people. When my America is out of the hands of socialists and communist then i will do for America again. Until then America is dead to me. Immigrants hum.
  • You say that as if it were some widely held value at some point in history. It wasn't - it was a sound bite from JFK's inaugural address. Ask yourself why he felt he had to say it (because people weren't following it); otherwise he wouldn't have had to say it, would he? It was meant as an inspirational challenge. It worked for a bit, but soon died in the tsunami of hedonism that was sweeping the country. Prosperity makes people lazy and selfish and the 1960s were an age of prosperity paid for by the economic boom times of the 1950s.
  • What has happened??? Well in America at least that phrase has been laid to rest. The new motto is "hurray for me,,, to hell with you". or at least that is the way it seems to be. Wall Street is full of crooks, the bankers are thiefs, and our politicians are snakes.

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