• shaving- I havent even TRIED waxing- sounds too scary
  • Shaving it's less painful. Also I can do it while showering and it is less time consuming. The downside is that the hair comes back a lot quicker than waxing, but I don't mind.
  • Personally I use shaving for legs & underarms. Pros: fast & easy, no appointment needed! Cons: grows back quickly and coarse. I use waxing for bakini area as I find I get the red bumps (razor burn) when shaving there. Pros: Its fast, hair grows black slower, skin is smoother longer. Cons: It's painful (gets better the more you have it done), waxed area is red & tender for the first day.
  • I prefer waxing for many reasons: much quicker doesn't really hurt shaving the hair grows back to quickly plus the stubble is really annoying.
  • A happy medium is a depilatory cream like NAIR you can get the ones that wash off in the shower now
  • Waxing all the way. After you get used to it, it's not very painful, and each time you do it. it takes longer for your hair to grow back. So you have to do it less and less.
  • I prefer waxing because it lasts a long time, and I don't have the problem with stubble.
  • Love the waxing! Pro: Hair grows back slower and softer. With repeated waxing, you may even end up with spots where the hair never regrows. Con: You have to grow out hair a bit. Some women get ingrown hairs and others don't like the discomfort and can't stick with it long enough to enjoy the benefits. If you're doing it yourself, learn to do it the right way before attempting sensitive areas. Start with your shins (least painful area) and wax in small, short strips until you get good at it. The best home kit I've found is Sally Hansen All Over Brazilian Formula. It's the most ouchless, about $10 USD and is available in drug stores and mass retailers. Image and info:
  • Shaving for legs, definitely waxing only for any facial hair (eyebrows or chin hairs). Waxing is painful and on small areas that is fine but on the legas I'm not sure I could stand that.;)
  • Shave for legs shave for pits, wax for brows and that little 40-year-person-grandma mustache that started showing up last year. Ick! Waxing for the legs is too involved to do at home and too expensive to have someone else do. I sometimes wax the pits in the summer but to be honest it hurts like a mutha when I do it myself. Shaving is easier. I tried the epilator devices and those hurt and give ingrowns like crazy. Don't go through what I did. The epilators are wack. I like the Benefit Brow bar at Macy's. They do an amazing job waxing brow and upper lip for around 12 dollars. No appointment needed. HTHs.
  • Shaving for the legs...waxing for eyebrows and other body hair. It lasts longer. I would wax my legs but I don't want to wait for the hair to get that long.
  • I shaved my legs under arms and bikini area for years. I now wax. So much better. No shave bumps, cuts or missed areas. I have it done in a spa and it last 3 times as long as shaving. I use this cream that stops hair growth and now I only wax about every 5 to 6 weeks. I get cream and hints on waxing when I first started from this site. I now buy the stuff alot. Hope this helps. Have your first bikini wax by a professional. Don't do it yourself. Hurts first few times then not so bad. Take aspirin before it will help a little.
  • I have done both for a long time. I prefer waxing. There is some pain but eases as you have more waxes. More time between waxes compared to shaving. I use a cream after each wax that slows hair growth. Only wax now every 8 to 10 weeks. I have gotten many good tips from a web site I buy lingerie. Take a look at it I hope this helps you. Good Luck.
  • Im a recent convert to waxing. My housemate needed someone to practise on, so i finally agreed. It does hurt, but 2 mins later, its all good. The hairs grow back slower and finer, ive only had mine done twice and already i can just touch them with tweezers and they practically fall out. It leaves your legs feeling really clean... But the main drawcard for me is i hated shaving, could never be bothered with it- with waxing, atleast someone else can do it for you :)
  • shaving is good, waxing is really painful
  • Waxing, smooth longer and less and less hair regrowth :)
  • Wax or epilady. They each give longer lasting smoother results :)
  • Usually neither, if I do something major it's sugaring. If it's just a wee bit of stray hair, I might razor or pluck it.
  • I shave. I am allergic to wax and break out in a rash. Ew. I pluck a few stray facial hairs when necessary.
  • I prefer shaving even it have to be done much more frequently (say once per week for legs and few times for a week for "mustaches") but by skin fills much better, no inflamation... Also,I don't need to wait hair to grow enough to wax (especially important for facial hair! And believe me, story about faster growing and thicker hairs when swaven is not true at all! Tina
  • shaving coz im too much of a wuss to wax
  • My wife prefers waxing the floors to shaving the edges of doors with a wood plane. ;-)
  • I have really delicate skin and no matter how carefully I shave, I manage to get razor rash in my armpits and bristle itch at the bikini line. A professional waxing lasts for ages but in the summer when legs etc are on show more, I end up using chemical hair removal creams instead. So, waxing. But I'd prefer a cream over either.
  • Waxing--pros: smooth finish, cons: everything else! That's why shaving is for me.
  • Waxing, it last longer, no razor burn, feels smoother. The only downside is the initial pain, but you get used to it.
  • I shave all: legs, armpits and facial hair (mustache) Some ladies prefer waxing, and it is practical because longer period they stay clean. I begun to wax from my 14th (I am dark, nearly black, so my hair is very noticeable). But, it irritates my skin much every time. So soon I continue to fax only my mustache, and to shave my legs and armpits. Every time I waxed, I had my skin below the nose highly irritated and red in color for an hour or more quite painful, even I tried different products. I would never change, if I did not made mistake just for my 16th birthday celebration. I waxed too early, one week before, so my mustaches were just too short to be waxed, but too long to leave them as they are. After few unsuccesfull tries to wax them, I was in panic. Than, in the moment I've noticed my razor. I hesitated only one moment, and then I said "Why not?! If I shave my legs and armpits, and it is ok, why wouldn't I shave my face too? Only because men are doing that" Is it stupid?" and I did it. My fase was already inflamed because of few unsuccesful waxing so I did not find any difference. After 2-3 days, when hair appeared again, I did it again. And than I seen how much it was better. My skin was nice and smooth and not inflamed inflamed nor painful. Now, I am regularly shaving all my hair. Armpits and legs once in two weeks, or one week during summer, and my mustache once in 2-3 days. There is a delusion that shaven hair become thicker and darker, and it grow quicker, but it is not true, it is only an illusion. Also, Waxing, plucking, threading, epilating all pull the hair out by the roots and where the growth is hormonally-driven can actually stimulate a dormant follicle into producing more hair quicker. They also distort the root if done repeatedly, leading to hair growing at strange angles. And you've got to let the hair grow to quite a length before you can repeat the exercise. It can also damage the skin and discolor it. Long-term use of waxing also causes bad wrinkles! Chemical depilatories strong enough to remove the hair are very likely to burn the skin, cause swelling and cause long-term discoloration of the skin. That leaves shaving as the best option, which does not damage the skin and does not cause the hair to grow more or coarser or faster. And no inflammations. The price is that you have to do it more often. Don't be so stupid not to shave only because "Guys are doing it, so it is not feminine"!
  • waxing is better for me, because i have very sensitive skin and after i shave, my skin gets irritated and gets so itchy! but when i wax it doesn't hurt or itch at all! it just sucks that waxing is too expensive to do very frequently like shaving.

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