• depends what i need to do there
  • I have spent a grand total of 45 hours, 36 minutes and around 7 seconds sitting on my looseat, slumped against the wall in a strange paralytic state
  • Depends on how long it takes for everything to come out. I try not to sit there too long.
  • Hey The Trotskyist Subterfuge, are you in toilet now? So many questions about toilet. How long have been there?
  • I had a friend of mine who passed out on the toilet, I didnt find him until morning, so I guess maybe he was there for about 6 hours. Are we getting rated on this?
  • As little time as possible. I would say that 2 to 3 minutes is the longest, and that is unusual. Thank goodness I am a quick "goer". ;-)
  • Does passing out count?
  • I had this stomach flu a couple months back and I'll spare you the details, but it weren't fun.
  • Well, sometimes I like to hang around in there even after my "business" is all done. That's where I get most of my reading done, and it's a great escape from the kids!
  • I spent nearly six continuous hours on the toilet the last time I caught a stomach flu. Simply because I couldn't move without triggering violent vomiting fits.
  • lol..well i had a bad night on the way back to vegas and was in there for a good half an hr..then u got sick ans was on the toliet for a good 2 weeks.i never want to go thru that ever again.i thought i was dying.
  • I have this thing with cell phone tetris... and I ended up sitting there (not doing anything just playing tetris)and got to level 59... Yay me!!! But sore bottom
  • Only about one hour. I just sat there; I'm not even sure if I had to use the bathroom or not.
  • I had stopped eating meat for some time, and then had a hamburger in a diner. At home, at 3 am, 4 hours later, I passed out in the bathroom because of the severe pains. I couldnt take the toxins from the meat anymore...
  • I've been on it long enough to have my legs start going numb but the following story is sickening !Trigger! The small rural mid-western town of Ness City has recently become infamous in the genre of weird news. Located north west of Wichita, Kansas of a woman who had to be removed from the toilet because she had been sitting continuously on top of the porcelain privy continuously for the last two years. This strange story is reminiscent of the 1995 movie Seven', except this bizarre news tells of a grotesque report of reality than is stranger than fiction. Pamela Babcock sat on the toilet for two years without ever getting up and was fed by her boyfriend, Kory McFarren of Ness City, Kansas. The woman was not forced and was still refusing to get off the can when authorities arrived. Imagine a toilet seat upholstered with adipose because the woman had sat there for such a long time that the, " ... woman's skin had grown around the seat ." [1] Emergency medical technicians used a crowbar to pry off the toilet seat from the rest of the commode and transported the stuck woman to the hospital's emergency room to remove the toilet seat from her posterior. The boyfriend said that he fed and watered her everyday for two years while she sat on the toilet. What was he feeding her? What was he getting from this sad situation? Was he also of mental diminished capacity? The boyfriend stated that, "It was my fault; I should have gotten help for her sooner." [1] Although it is possible that the boyfriend may have used a shower head on the end of a hose to wash her down periodically, the lack of hygiene could be defined as abuse of a dependent family member. Ness County sheriff is recommending charges should be made against the man "for mistreatment of a dependent adult." [2] The evidence to support the conviction for mistreatment of a dependent adult is when any person endangers the health of the dependent adult. Under Kansas law, mistreatment of a dependent adult may include cruel punishment by isolation or withholding help that, "maintains [the] physical or mental health of a dependent adult." [3] Extreme neglect of a person with a diminished capacity is self evident if able to visualize the size of the stalactites of solidified feces hanging down a fanny that was probably sickened and weakened, bright red from infection, legs permanently maimed with atrophy [1] Roxana Hegeman Sheriff: Woman Sat on Toilet for 2 Years [2] Associated Press Sheriff Recommends Charging Boyfriend [3] Kansas Judicial Center Judicial Council Studies [4] Linda Sharp Odd News Pix is artist conception of feces stalactites
  • I never spend longer than a minute. I find the bowl intimidating.
  • I think i have fallen asleep so i would say at least an hour
  • depends on what im doing there, probably a couple of minutes at the most
  • Still counting .......................

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