• Sure, why not?
  • Only if he likes the taste and your lips are chapped.
  • if u wnt 2 i wud but not 2 much jus a lil bit xxx
  • Well I don't wear lip gloss but then I'm a bloke grin.. I don't see a problem with kissing while wearing lip gloss? but it could be the answer to the question "why some people on my way home from my girlfriends place the other night, were looking at me in a rather strange way!" they may have been thinking "What's that bloke wearing lip gloss for?" OOPS! that may have been why that guy in the corner was winking and smiling at me!
  • Lip gloss is kinda sticky and can get in a mess. If the kiss is spontaneous then you know, what can you do, it doesn't really matter. But perhaps, balm, lipstick or even vaseline would probably be better. However, he may like the taste of your lip gloss.
  • no lip gloss only chape stick, boys dont like the lip glosses and fruity flavors, exspecially dont use lipsticks. guys dont want to where it and have colored lips. well my boyfriend doesnt. go with a non-scented chape stick or balm, just enough to make your lips silky and sweet.
  • Meh, I don't like kissing girls with lip gloss. That's just me, though.
  • No - lip gloss gets messy and can make the kiss sloppy and sticky. Just use a very thin layer of lip balm if you feel your lips are dry. Also, lip gloss tends to catch strands of my hair and make them stick to my lips - not sexy.
  • That should be up to your boyfriend.
  • It won't last long anyway. hahaha

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