• It is annoying.:)
  • Not just you! I give them to my 12 year old to open.
  • No, it isn't you, and it isn't just medications. I'm sick of opening hard to open bottles and packaging.
  • No, it is not you. It's always been difficult for me to open things-----from milk cartons, to medication packets (those with the paper on the back where you have to peel off, then push the caplet out from the foil backing! Ugh!), to the little foil seals on auto coolant jugs, tearing the plastic "ring" off the lids of protein powder containers, pressing down on medicine bottle caps and turning, the list goes on and on. And how ironic is it, if the sufferer is aching from arthritis and he's trying to twist the cap off his arthritis medicine bottle??? Egads!
  • It's not you. I think cd's are the worst. First you have to get through the huge plastic covering, then you have to pick the wrap off of the cd.
  • You may be getting older but I'm pretty sure it's harder to get into them too.
  • No, I think they can be hard to get into as well sometimes :)
  • They are to protect us they sa! Protect us from taking the pills I think!
  • Yeah, i can't open child-proof latches on doors either. I used to though, when i was young enough to know better.
  • Yes. It is you. You are getting too old.
  • They have went from one extreme to another. When I was very young, I helped myself to a handful of baby aspirins. I just opened the top with my mouth. Now I have to use a pocket knife to open those foil back things. The lids on the bottles are getting tougher to open also. Everyone is worried about being sued.
  • nah, I know what you mean. The worst is having a hangover and trying to open the aspirin in the dark.
  • I agree with you 100%. They make it " CHILD PROOF ", but I think they are the only ones that can get the package.
  • Well there are 2 parts. 1. They have to prevent psycho people from tampering or replicating the pills and basically preventing psychos from kill you. 2. People forget where they place the pills and a baby gets a hold of them and kills themselves. I think that pretty much sums up the reasons.
  • It's not you some of those packages are next to impossible to open.

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