• I assume your're asking about supply and demand. If this is a question on an exam, I'd be fighting your choices. It can be all of the above. a) The supply of the original resource before refinements can dictate if the product can be produced at all. b) The demand for the resultant product of the particular originating or source can also influence demand. If it costs more to make, it costs more to buy the result. c)By "in/out" I assume you mean labour and actual manufacturing costs. That too can influence the eventual supply/demand for the product. If it costs more to produce, it costs the consumer more and unless it's an essential will also dictate demand. d) If there's an alternate that's cheaper and of the same relative quality, the demand stays the same of the original given a,b,c are the same. e)? of the above, not none of and that's why I'd challenge this group of choices if this was on a test.

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