• I'm in the same boat that you are ..and ask that same question EVERY day ..probably several times a day .... IF is was not for my little dog ; I would not even be here .. just as simple as that ... as No ONE will take care of him like I do and treat him the way that I do ...
  • Um, thanks I guess. Good song.
  • To learn. And to teach others. The Universe presents the opportunities, it is up to us to have the experiences. Life is a school, we are all guaranteed to graduate. We all learn and just by being here we teach others as they observe us. If you find life boring or uninteresting or that life seems to have nothing to offer, you are certainly in a minority. But if you are tired, your next life will present the same learning opportunities. Think of what you can accomplish by staying around a little longer and perhaps teaching others some more. And, you might even learn something more yourself.
  • Right now I hate everything. I am at work at my desk crying, trying to be quiet so no one hears me. I just have nothing left in me to give. I have to work until 2am this morning, so am 18 hour day today, and again tomorrow and sunday too. I just can't do it anymore!
  • I feel that way a lot too...To be quite honest sometimes I wonder if there is no purpose to life at all, and if we are only as significant as a flower growing in a field...But then I also wonder if maybe God does exist and created us all for a reason...I think about this stuff a lot
  • sometimes i am tired. i find i am appreciated by other people. sometimes i dont appreciate my self. I am here for other people.
  • We all feel like that on occasions try to remember a lot of others have had it worse than you. Take one day at a time.
  • not for is an examination of no complaint to god.never.i m very thankful to god to giving me a beautiful life.millions are living life under very horrible conditions.thank god.
  • Sometimes, we learn certain things from our trials and tribulations. There is a wearniess that you are feeling emotionally while feeling that nobody doesn't care at all. I know how that feels though! THe reason why you are tired because you have been through so many things! It took you a step of boldness in order to bring it out to other people! As for me, I find that a great danger because so many people will not understand you,or have feeling that they feel similiar like you! However, here is a blog spot that will help you out and it has good articles, and will not disappoint you . I believe that it will help you!
  • The paradox is that one gets "tired" through *INactivity* and lack of imagination, not vice-versa. So the panacea = get off yo' ass and *DO something*! Anything! - "Simple: free yo' mind and yo' ass'll folla." ["Platoon"] - ;-)
  • I feel you, but don't have the answer, i'm afraid. This is going to sound really negative now, but sometimes i think our purpose here is just to suffer. There is no hell below us, because hell is already here on earth, as far as i am concerned. The only way is up from here!
  • There is no huge meaning to life. It is simply an event that has taken place in this huge universe. No more meaning full than I planes wizzing around the sun. . What happened is that because of chemical laws and physical laws of the universe, matter is actually able to get into a configuration that enables consciousness. . "you" are one of those. Nothing more. . Science has shown this time and time again. . One day you will die. That is this matter configuration will cease to function as it does and it will be a lot like it was for you before you were born. . Your life is leading to that moment so you better make sure that when you get there you are ready accept death and that you feel you have done everything you wanted to. . Remember that this moment can come at anytime without warning. . LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!! :)
  • Only you can answer that question, as our purpose here will only be known when we are gone.
  • YOU decide what it's for.

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