• All to often - I must be getting old!
  • More often than not. I'm bad with names in general and people tend to think it's personal.
  • ALL THE TYME!!! We were at a shop last nite and the Cheese guy was like "Hey r things?" and I was like "Hey how r u? Can I get sum cheese please." Buy seriosly it happens alot.
  • Happens quite often to me too. When someone I don't recognize greet me I ask them plainly who they are and in what way I am connected with them. People don't take offense and they do tell me my connections with them. This happens because I come across too many people in connection with my Trust volunteer work and I concentrate more on the work on hand rather than the people who are benefited. May be I should concentrate on the people more.
  • I'm HORRIBLE with names. I'll never forget a face and sometimes it takes me a while to place where I've seen it, but names ALWAYS escape me. I think I have in my mind what they "look like their name should be" and I just forget their ACTUAL name... SUPER frustrating!
  • Just this morning.I ran into an old classmate I have not seen in 24 years. He said my name right off but it took me a good 5 minutes to think of his.My memory might be off but I sure looked better than he did.HAHA
  • First names? Never. Last names? ALWAYS!
  • All the time. It happened yesterday. I was at the store and the cashier was like "Hey! Wow how are you?! Its been a long time!" I was like "Yeah!!....So....whats up?" I couldn't think of her name or anything. Felt pretty stupid.
  • Yeh, I just don’t seem to remember that sort of information, if you need to know something utterly pointless tho, I'm your man!
  • Welcome to the club! I avoid parties just for this reason.
  • Actually, not too often anymore. I just moved and I've made a huge effort to remember the names and faces of the few people that I know.
  • oh gosh! happens ALOT to me it really bothers me
  • Never happens to me, ummmm, Ms. Abunis.
  • I can usually remember one of those two bits of information (usually where I know them from). But I'd say that it's very rare that I don't remember anything about them but just recognize their face.
  • All the F-ing time. I run it through my head "Are you the spouse of someone I know ?", "Did you change your hair ?", "Have I just forgotten your name?" I hate it. It mostly due to nervousness and not being able to relax and remember their name.
  • All the time, my mind is like a sieve. We have a term where I come from, min, which I always use in these situations. It is like pal, or mate, so I always say a'right min, hows it going? when I can't remember their name...
  • If the former meeting was casual, I assume the person might not recall my name, and re-introduce myself to save the person discomfort and embarassment. There are plenty of times, I wish the on-coming party did the same. We've all been in that situation...and, for me, it has been many times.
  • Worked in retail for year's too many people.
  • Yes, it happens to me, people remember me and i have no idea who they are! he he;0)
  • Alot.It used to be alittle embarrassing but now I don't care too much ;)
  • Happens every single day to me and I have to request that person to tell me his/her name.I do apologize for it.It is a sort of some disconnect, I think!
  • i know especially if you call them the wrong name, dont you feel like such a DORK!!
  • I usually say, "I can't remember you name." When they reply, I say, "I remember your first name but I meant what is your last name?"
  • Its natural when you've worked as many fast food joints as I have. But its usually others that remember me, and the kids at school I taught.
  • I don't get out often enough to interact with so many people that I forget their names. I'm usually the person who gets mistaken for someone else.

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