• Ok, here is my reason. I talk English, I can spell most words that I write or I can look them up in a dictonary. When I talk, spelling is no issue, nor where I put a commer, nor a question mark, just by saying whatever I speak, people instantly know if I am asking a question and or remarking on an issue. I honestly think, that most students whom hate English at school, is because they have to read boaring books that they have no interest in, and then have to submit an essay into why and what, that they couldn't even bothered to be interested in! If they just say, asked surfing interested kids, to read up the latest surfing books and put an essay of 10.000 words regarding surfing into an essay, the kids would go wild. If you are into pollution, I bet you could go on and on with an essay over 10.000 words on the subject! But told to read a worthless book, on which a subject that has NO interest to you and having to write an essay on it, is crap.
  • Since we speak English every day, we don't feel it is necessary to learn the parts of speech and all of the grammar teachers expect us to learn. I figure that as long as we can use English correctly, there is no reason to be able to identify a gerund, or a past participle, etc. Also, the English language has more exceptions to rules than any other language which makes it more difficult to learn. I always found grammar in Spanish class to be easier than in English class.
  • I think some just hate it because they don't get the kind of feedback that they expect from their work. I believe that English is too subjective to teach. I don't mean the grammar and punctuations that we were taught from 7th grade to the end of year 10 (Aust syllabus). I mean the teaching of texts. I don't understand the logic. Teachers provide us with the means to deconstruct a text, that is, all the skills needed to make our own interpretations, but in the end all they really what they want is their own interpretation. The meanings that I can construct from a text may still be wrong when all i've done is applied the techniques taught to me. English is -as quoted by TS Eliot- the "common pursuit of true judgement". But how can that be when the true judgement of a text may very well be the one that we have already discriminated. -The disillusioned maths student whose dreams are about to be crushed because of his English results.
  • Cause I be speakin' it well since I was a chilen'.

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