• It's better than giving it to the millionairs. I was hoping for another rebate check to go toward my cc & house but I hear that's not happening
  • Absolutely! Give the money to the people who need it the most-- not to government programs, unions, and special interest groups. With the extra money, people can avoid foreclosure, businesses will grow, more people can get out of debt, and people will gain confidence. Only the people can stimulate the economy-- not the government.
  • no. I think there should be some relief , but many homeowners are just as guilty of bad business deals as the big businesses, but on a smaller level. I almost bought a house with one of those ridiculous mortgages that have caused a lot of foreclosure. Know what stopped me? I took the time to read the damn thing and knew if i signed it I was screwed. Reading alone would have given many of these people relief. Not all homeowners are victims. Some simply bought something they could not afford and want help as a result of their naivety.
  • Well, here's an off-the wall idea. I'm not an economist and so I freely admit that anyone who knows anything about economics can probably find a jillion flaws in it, but here goes... I think they just ought to declare all debts settled. All credit card balances $0. All auto loans paid in full. All mortgages paid in full. People suddenly own their homes and cars (except for renters) free and clear. Yes, the downside of this is that all banks would go bankrupt, and their stock value will fall to 0. Government then steps in and nationalizes the banks so people don't lose their checking and savings accounts. People who invested in the stock market are SOL, but them's the breaks, you know? Investing in the stock market is with it! Since banks largely causes this mess with their greed and loan-sharking, I have little sympathy for them. Then, working people free of debt to predatory banks will get the economy humming again. Then the govt slowly privitazes the banks again one by one. The govt also passes laws to prevent excessive bank mergers so that banks don't get too big.
  • what can I say. My clients who file bankcruptcy are those who only earn 30,000 - 40,000 per year but got 2 mortgage for 2 nice houses.
  • Lucybell, the government can't give you a house without taxing some other house out of existence. It can't give you a job without taxing some other job out of existence. It can't give you ANYTHING without taxing something else out of existence. The government doesn't have any money of its own. The money it has, it takes from you. You may look at the government grant you just got, but you aren't aware that you paid for the grant somebody else just got because you pay taxes in lots of sneaky ways. I'll give you one really dramatic example; my wife had a gall bladder operation that cost $17,000. Well, we live in Ukraine, and if I needed one, the same operation would cost about $300. Lots of hidden taxes in a gall-bladder operation. You are also going to notice in the very near future that prices are going to go up faster than you ever would have believed. That's because the only way Obama can pay for his 787 billion dollar stimulus bill is to print 787 TRUCKLOADS--SEMI TRUCKLOADS!!!--of counterfeit hundred dollar bills to pay for all that stuff. And when all that government counterfeit hits the stores, the people who get it first will be willing to pay more for everything, and prices are going to go up on everything. But your wages won't.
  • No! Why should taxpayers foot the bill for someone else's negligence? I find it hysterical under the last regime it was called a bailout (which helped nothing BTW) but under the New regime it is called (a stimulus plan) What a crock of sh*t. We just burdened the taxpayers another 800 billion dollars. Why does our government continually keep trying things that clearly have failed in the past? That will certainly stimulate us, further into the hole! The whole thing is just stupid. It didn't work before and it's not going to work this time. You want to stimulate the economy? Revoke NAFTA and GATT, re institute import tariffs and force US companies to bring the jobs back to the US. Our economy has been spiraling downward ever since NAFTA and GATT were signed and outsourcing has become a household word as millions of our jobs have moved to third world countries where the companies can pay slave labor wages. That's where the problem lies but no one want to address that!
  • My personal preference is that the economic stimulus should go to pay off peoples houses, starting at the lowest and working up from there. Sorry, those with million dollar mortgages might not see any relief, but then, maybe you shouldn't have bought million dollar house. In my area, there are too many that bought too much house on the salaries they were making with little or not back-up in place. My own family members are guilt of this and have since lost their job as well. And I'm not talking second mortgages, home equity loans, etc., just primary mortgages. Once these people no longer have a house to pay for, they will be buying things and spending their money. Healthcare might become a little more affordable for them.
  • No, this so called stimulus package shouldn't even exist in the first place. It is not the governments responsibility to assist citizens with their house payments.
  • The best economic stimulus is a living wage that rises with inflation. Universal health care. (no one should worry that they will lose it all because of a health issues.) 1% tax on stock market trading. Certainly not a 1.5T give away to the ultra rich. You can't bank on trickle down economics.
  • We already have a generation of people who expect high paying jobs be handed to them. Why not hand out free homes. Why should anyone save for a house down payment or buy a fixer upper. Yes by all means take away incentive and guarantee more lazy people with their hands out.
  • We already have a generation of people who expect high paying jobs be handed to them. Why not hand out free homes. Why should anyone save for a house down payment or buy a fixer upper. Yes by all means take away incentive and guarantee more lazy people with their hands out.
  • it wouldnt hurt if they did

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