• Of course it does. Saudi society, for instance, is completely dominated by religion. Yak
  • Yes. It influences any society. Theocratic ones more so, but even secular ones like France or ones where church and state are separate like in the US (which only means there can be no state religion) to an extent. Unfortunately, people with differing beliefs do not always get along and they sometimes try to impose their beliefs on others while trying to quash the beliefs of others. And it isn't just religious people who do this- atheists do, too. But in today's society, atheism has become a lot like a creed.
  • Yes... it affects most aspects of life... even in places where it is not supposed to In politics, most politicians refer to deities for one reason or another or for no reason other than to please those who believe in it Religion has been the cause of many differences that have led to wars
  • think what it would be like without religion, yes im using a question to answer yours
  • Sadly yes.
  • Most wars are religious wars.
  • Sadly it has a very powerful influence over society in ways it should not. Of course we have fine examples of what happens when religion has complete power. Thank the gods Christianity doesn't fully rule over the U.S; I couldn't imagine the madness that would ensue.
  • Unfortunately, yes.

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