• The following sites are not regularly checked. Please advise of any changes which aren't reflected in this document. [mirror sites] Virus Bulletin Home Page - vendor contact info, comparative reviews, review protocol info etc. Henri Delger's home page has much useful info and useful links Tom Simondi has written a freeware virus tutorial (VTUTOR11.ZIP). Some information is available from The Scanner, an on-line anti-virus newsletter. It may not be entirely current, however. Doug Muth has not only AV links but geek code as well.... Bob Rosenberger's Computer Virus Myths Page A few Amiga links: [Antivirus info and programs] According to Dennis Boon, trsivw65.lha has info about 100 or so viruses; VT_docfiles.lha has info on nearly all amiga viruses (in German); VIB9508.lha file contains info on all viruses up to August 1995 (in English). The WildList (List of viruses currently 'in the wild' - doesn't include much description) Virus Descriptions - - ------------------ AVP Virus Encyclopedia Data Fellows Virus Database Symantec Virus Database McAfee Virus Database Virus demonstrations - - -------------------- AVP includes some virus demonstrations, and other publishers have demos available. There are also virus simulators, which are not quite the same thing. These are sometimes advocated as a means of testing antivirus packages, but there are dangers to this approach: after all, a package which detects one of these simulators as the virus it detects is, technically, false-alarming. See section F6 of the Mark 2 Virus-L FAQ, which is rather good on types and uses of virus simulation. Books which may be of use: Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses - Springer-Verlag Pretty good introduction & general resource. Currently in its second edition. Computers Under Attack (ed. Denning) - Addison-Wesley Aging, but some classic texts Survivors' Guide to Computer Viruses (ed. Lammer) - Virus Bulletin Uneven, but includes useful stuff from Virus Bulletin Dr. Solomon's Virus Encyclopedia You may from time to time find copies of an older edition of this in bookshops, though it's better known as part of Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus ToolKit It's a pretty good guide to some of the older viruses. A Short Course on Computer Viruses (F. Cohen) - Wiley By the man who 'invented' the concept of computer viruses. Some aspects are controversial, but a good introduction to his work. The comp.virus FAQ includes pointers to some books. Useful (and expensive) periodicals: Virus Bulletin Secure Computing Computers and Security Elsevier Advanced Technology PO Box 150 Kidlington Oxford OX5 1AS 44 (0) 1865-843666 The Disaster Recovery Journal (more info & on-line articles)

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