• I actually haven't ever done anything. I haven't yet found anyone that I would want to be involved with. When I do, I hope that I won't do anything stupid to attract attention. I much prefer having a conversation with someone than "subtly" trying to get their attention. It seems to be to be not only foolish, but blatantly obvious.
  • I was a kid and rode past "hot guys" house. He was out in the yard, I could see as I headed up the street, so I rode with no hands (had recently learned), acting like I was so good at it. as I rode by, I gave him a hey and a wave, all casual, like I was so cool, then I wiped right out. Actual gravel stuck into my knees. He asked if I was ok, and I said oh yeah, like I didn't need hands to ride, or feel pain. He didn't notice me any more or less.
  • Picture this: Freshman year, 6th period P.E. The guys are playing basketball, while the girls sit around on the bleachers and gossip about the "cutest boy I've ever seen in my LIFE!" I'm sitting off to the side, minding none of the girls, because they were all wrapped up in things I didn't care much about (i.e., hair, nails, clothes, shoes). My crush, Deon, was playing basketball. Deon was not known for his basketball playing skills. After missing about 6 potentially good shots and ruining his team's score, I figured he could use a little pick-me-up, so while the teams were having a time-out, I stood up at the top of the bleachers and shouted "GO DEON!! YOU CAN DO IT!!" Mind you, there was only our class in the gymnasium, so it echoed off of the walls at an extreme volume and everybody started to laugh. Long story short, his team didn't win and he continued to lose every attempted shot- but he DID notice me after that :)
  • i had a huge crush on this boy who lived next door to me, so i started to put missing dog sighns up for like a week then i put my dog in his back yard at like 2 in the morning., and then he came to give it to me the next morning, and i had drssed up in a mini skirt and halter top, with heels. Well he brought the dog over, and he told me he saw me last night and that he was gay so it was so embarrising
  • I was at a dance club - and I saw girl - hot as hell dancing with a men muscle bound as hell. They obviously had come therer together. I waited for them to pause and for him to get drinks, and I walked up to her and said "Forget about him - leave with me, I'm the better man." She giggled and said ok, I so I grabbed her hand and led her out of the club.
  • when I was 8 I shoved this girls face into the snow because I liked her.
  • I ran crying into a sports bar with a harpoon gun in one hand and three bloody tampons in the other. Nah, I never did that, but I plan to someday.
  • A back flip. Can you still call it a back flip if you land on your stomach?
  • I pretended to be interested in his boring baseball stories.
  • I really like this guy so ive started to stall gooing up stairs so he will walk up with me and i take all my friends to where he plays and talk really loud about girls stuff and he noticed me and he thinks im an idiot
  • I was playing football with my crush and his friends. He and I were on the same side taking turns catching, but playfully shoving each other. Someone threw a pass and we both went for. I really wanted to catch it to impress him, but being the klutz I am, I tripped and slid like a foot on the asphault. I caught the ball. It was worth it though because he took me inside and doctored my wounds and kissed my hands to make them feel better. Dorky I know.
  • shot Reagan
  • Stared at him all the time(and he knew it), and then stalked him for a year. He was crazy hot but then I found out that he was only into tall girls.
  • i havent done anything yet, i probably will tomorrow morning i got my courage up to talk to this hot guy =] but i dont know what to say so ill just compliment him and hope he says something to start a conversation. or i'll make a complete fool out of my self and forget what to say or freeze in the middle of a sentence.
  • nothing I try to stay just below the radar when it comes to females. eventually one notices me though in spite of the fact that I try to hide lol.
  • learned an instrument, wrote several songs, started a band, and dumped hundreds of dollars into touring and recording! Oddly enough I stopped obsessing over him, and started obsessing over the band!
  • I was showing off. I did a cartwheel front handspring combo that landed in the splits. As soon as my then crush saw that, he said 'I'm going to marry that girl!'
  • In high school I waited for this girl for over 2 hours just to walk her home. Nothing insane though.
  • Well see there is this guy who is very attractive and he has all these girls following him like a fan club. Anyway instead of drooling all over him I just acted that I don't like him, and I have said outloud when he was near "I wouldn't go out with him if he was the last guy on Earth, but he is very, very,very cute though." and you want to know what? He is the one who is trying to get my attotion. So my plan is working.
  • A moony.
  • I tripped on purpose into his arms. he didn't catch me though so that sucked.
  • made out with his girlfriend. haha.
  • I stole the stapler off his desk and put it on mine for like a week strait :) It forced him to talk to me.

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